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Sunday, January 1, 2012

50 less people for New Year’s Eve this year

We just weren’t up for our big annual New Year’s Eve party this year, so we invited one of the girls’ friends (and her family) over for dinner and had a wonderful low-low-key celebration. Fun stuff.

We had yummy steaks that TubaDad grilled, lots of wine and Martinelli’s sparkling cider, an abundance of chocolate stuff, the bubble-wrap stomp, glow-stick building, banner creation, 2012 word search, and a fun survey that I plan to give the girls each year (I wrote it, here’s a copy if anyone wants one). Then we hugged goodnight, changed into PJs, put the girls in bed, and settled in to watch the festivities on tv. But Ro and Ree called downstairs that they just needed a quick snuggle and (as usual) I’m a huge sucker for snuggles, so they came back downstairs and watched tv with us until midnight. Sweet.


Happy New Year to all.

PS: Do you say the new year is “twenty twelve” or “two thousand twelve”? Just curious. TubaDad and I are vehemently divided on this one.


  1. So when is the China trip? Wishing you all a wonderful and healthy 2012.

  2. can you posta link to print out that survey? would love to do those each year!

  3. Happy New Year!

  4. There was bubble wrap? New Year's bubble wrap?

    You guys are maniacs.


    Happy Happy New Year to all of you.


  5. Hi Emily, alrighty, I added a link in the post. It was just a little survey I did in MS Word. I tried to find one online but couldn't find exactly what I wanted so I made this one.

  6. Lisa, the girls really REALLY think it should be 2012. Hm. We'll see. They've been pressing this pretty hard for two years now, so this really might be the year.

  7. What a great night. We were boring around here. Still trying to catch up from our big trip.

    Love the outfits for the evening!

    Happy New year.

    And I quess we say two thousand and twelve (At least I do).

  8. let me fix that, I say two thousand twelve. No and.

  9. two thousand twelve...

  10. Happy New Year! Love the surveys : )

  11. I say two thousand twelve but it really makes no sense. I never said nineteen hundred and ninety-nine. I can't bring myself to say twenty twelve even though it's more logical.

    Happy New Year (however you say it)!

  12. Sweet pics! Love how the girls differ so greatly in how they answered their questions. M is all about Cookie while R mixes is up a bit more.

    I'm a sucker for snuggles too! Who wouldn't be? Taking them while we can get them!!

    I'm a third option for the year "two thousand and twelve" so closer to the second one but different from both.

    Happy New Year precious friend!

    PS - In FRENCH it's 'Deux mille et douze' ;o)

  13. Well, I usually say Two Thousand... and I taught that to our kids, and i was really annoyed by hearing twenty.. but then my husnband pointed out we use to say nineteen.. and no one said one thousand.. So it was a duh moment and I moved on but still haven't found myself saying twenty anything yet..

  14. Anonymous1/04/2012

    How about twenty-one-two? I don't use it but saw it in print.

  15. Anonymous1/04/2012

    Too funny. I want to give this to Casey. I wish I'd done it on New Years Eve though. She came home from school with a list of new year's resolutions. It was so funny. "Do the dishes" was right on top!

    What is the cookie toy? Should I already know that?


  16. K and M are pushing hard for THE China trip this summer. Maybe we should go together! :)