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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fun little magic game

Packed up all the Christmas decorations today and found an old box of Christmas Crackers that we didn’t use again this year (it was either from last year or maybe even the year before), so I let the girls detonate them all before throwing them in the trash. They adored the pops and little paper crowns, but were even more thrilled to find this funny magic game in one of the crackers. I’d never heard of this thing before and it really is clever.

Print out this image and cut out the six cards.MagicCards-2LR

Have a friend choose a number on one of the cards. Point to each of the cards, one at a time, asking “Is your number on this card?” Any time she says “yes,” leave that card turned up. Any time she says “no,” turn that card over. (The number will almost always, with a few exceptions, show up on multiple cards.) At the end, add the top left number from all cards that are turned up. The total will be her chosen number.

Example: Let’s say I chose 41 on the top left card. My number also appears on the bottom two cards. So if you add together the top left numbers from those three cards you have 32+1+8, which equals 41.

Ro and Ree scream with joy each time this works. Not bad for a box of trash.


PS: Here’s a quick pic from Global Wonderland. The girls found this rock-climbing wall right at the entrance and it far out-wowed the spectacular light designs for them. They made fast friends with the climb operator and he let them go up and down as many times as they wanted. I think he was secretly amused by the tutu-and-glitter-boot climbing attire. We finally had to tear them away after 30 minutes or so with promises of something desserty. And no, we are not getting one of these in our backyard.


  1. But why not? lol

  2. Not getting one for your backyard? ::chuckles:: Oh, ye of little foresight. I predict the Twinados will, in fact, have one. Sooner, rather than later. :D

  3. Anonymous1/04/2012

    Are you sure? :) it would go nicely next to the new gift from the cousins in Texas.

  4. Anonymous1/04/2012

    I give it 12 months max before you get one :) You could all use it - great exercise !!

  5. Pretty impressed your decorations are down. I hardly put up any this year and mine are still up.

    LOve the fun magic game. You have such cool things! I think the rock wall would be a nice addition. Maybe your home owners insurance would go up a bit. but it would be rockin' to have one of your own.

  6. Not getting one in the backyard... I figure you are going to be going through craig's list this weekend. I give it about the 17th before the first pictures show up...

  7. I'm betting that 2012 will see one of those installed at your casa.

  8. Totally unrelated... but nowhere else good to post this. Long time reader, first-time commenter... Anyway, a friend of mine just shared this link to an essay on adoption and after I read it, I just had to come share it with you! :)


  9. Anonymous1/06/2012

    Are you aware of this site
    Because the girls would love it!
    ~~peace & love & joy & blessings~~

  10. Anonymous1/06/2012

    Hey M3,

    Speaking of games, any ideas for a Valentine's party game or craft for Casey's class of 29 kindergarteners? We have some money to spend, so it doesn't have to be free stuff. (This room mom thing is tough!)


  11. Anonymous1/06/2012

    But...but the twinados and their friends would LOVE a climbing wall. The nasa scientist in the family could engineer the project !! Are they chipping away at you both to put one in? Maybe Santa will bring one next year?!

    I went to Global Wonderland with my sister, gdaughter and 2 nieces. After about an hour, the kiddos were completely bored. Of course it could have something to do with the thousands of pictures we made them pose for !! The grown ups loved it.

    Gail (Sonoma)

  12. Anonymous1/07/2012

    I didn't look at the game carefully until now. That is amazing!


  13. Anonymous1/07/2012

    Thought the game was so neat so I tried it out on my kids and we all had a blast with it! Then the kids tried it out on their dad, but he solved the trick in two seconds. :-( Apparently, anyone familiar with binary numbers will figure it out instantly. Sometimes I hate being married to a computer geek! Still a lot of fun for me and the kids!


  14. This looks like a fun little game and I will for sure try it with my kids.
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