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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Neighborhood scavenger hunt

The girls love going on walks. They’d go on one every day if their mama wasn’t so dang lazy we could. Ro likes to look at me pointedly and say “I’m ready for my daily walk!” which always tickles my funny bone. Sometimes I print out a little scavenger hunt to spice things up. Here was today’s:

Microsoft Word - scavengerhunt.rtf

I just made the doc in MS Word, so I can easily change things out on a whim. We learned today that it’s extra fun if you award a mini M&M for each item too. Notice Ree’s deathgrip on the M&M tube and their intense looks of concentration:

If you want to do this scavenger hunt with your kiddos, feel free to click on the picture above and print it or to download a jpg of it here. You can also download the original format RTF one here if you’d rather customize your own. Happy walking!


  1. Anonymous1/08/2012

    Brilliant. I need to make an adult version for myself to get myself out walking for an hour! Great!

  2. Yea - we would have to walk a long far way to find a palm tree... ;-P

    Love the idea.. will be stealing.. my Chilliez love a scavenger hunt from the car - honestly never thought about doing a walking one.. would be fun!

    Girls are looking soooo big. Where is the time going?

  3. Very cute idea! Wish it weren't winter.

  4. You are the best!!! What a fun idea for the kids.... the girls would love to do something like this.... if only it were warmer in our neck of the woods. I will be saving this for the Spring~

    Happy New Year to you and the family~



  5. WOw. Seriously? You are amazing.

    What fit girls you will have!

    Austin'w heart doc gave him a new doc at the San Fran Children's hospital. Is that hard to get to? Is it right down town?

  6. Great idea! And love the girls' scavenger hunt attire :)

  7. Anonymous1/09/2012


  8. I love this!! Definately doing to do this once our Canadian winter clears up enough to find anything other than snow and hibernating shrubs. I'm even thinking this will be a good way to work on letters with my preschooler...find an item that starts with L, etc.

  9. Such a cute idea! I echo the other readers in our "love" of the January climate. See something WHITE! See something GREY! See something IN HIBERNATION! Ugh. Awaiting spring...

  10. P.S. Thanks for sharing the document. I'm so using it.

  11. OK--I'm lucky if my kid ends up with 2 shoes on and has more than tater tots for breakfast! I can only aspire to this!!!!

  12. I am so 'stealing' this. Thanks!

  13. I love your blog! And I love this idea. Your fun, brilliant entries always cheer me up. :-)

  14. This a brillant idea for the kiddos. We will definitely do this ourselves very soon.

  15. What an awesome idea!! I know Hannah will enjoy stuff like this when she gets older (read: mommy stops being lazy too!) No wonder we get along so well!!

  16. Move to Chicago and then you can say, "I'd love to go on a walk with you but it's 19 degrees outside and I am not going to the doctor this winter with pre-frostbite on my nose."