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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Cell-Phone Dump

A whole bunch of pics/stories have been backing up on the ole cell phone and deserve a mention.

Left: When TubaDad is on a long business trip, the girls think the best thing EVER is to drag out the air mattresses and have a sleepover in mama’s room on the last day. Right: We’ve been having an oddly mild winter – high 60s or even 70 each day – and the sunsets have been gorgeous. The girls asked me to take this pink-sky shot on one of our walks:

Left: I can’t believe they climb the big rope in gymnastics. I wouldn’t even make it up one foot, but Ree (pictured here) and Ro get to the very top every time. Right: They decided to “dress like twins” (their words) on this day and got a few doubletakes. Ro left, Ree right:

Left: I never knew that different brands of olive oil tasted differently, but we had this one to dip our bread in at a local restaurant and it was SO GOOD and so much better than the one we normally buy. Right: A fun lunch the girls liked. He’s a little mangled looking, but you can still tell he’s a snowman, right? It also kind of amuses me to make winter-themed lunches while we’re in the middle of summery 70-degree winter days:

Little Ree was sick one day and Ro oh-so-kindly brought home her missed school work for the day. Ree made it about half way through before face-planting into a nap, so I took this pic and sent it to her teacher saying that she’d get the work done later:

Left: We got a new coffee maker and are loving it. It’s a Nespresso Citiz with separate Aerocino milk frother. Makes a perfect latte or cappuccino every single time. (I’ve learned that I’m a latte girl). Right: These shirts we found at Crazy8 amused me. The text across the bottom of the graphic reads “No pictures please:”

Left: Seafood of any kind (raw, cooked, whatever) is always a popular choice around here. Right: We went shopping after our seafood dinner and the girls desparately wanted us to buy this Papasan chair for their playroom:

Waiting-for-dinner drawings have gotten so elaborate and cute. Dinner is almost an interruption now. Ro’s drawing left, Ree’s right:

Left: I thought it was funny that they were both doing the monkey bars with flowers clenched in their mouths. Right: The girls were dressed in PJs one night, TubaDad was a business meeting, and I said “Hey do you wanna go take a late-night walk with flashlights?” Oh the screaming and jumping for joy:

Bathtub paints (shaving cream squirted in muffin cups with a couple drops of food coloring in each one) are always good for a long stretch of nice, quiet fun. I drag a comfy chair into the bathroom and they play and play. On this particular day, TubaDad was at the fateful 9ers playoff game, so we had a whole lotta hours to kill:

Left: The girls still take ballet/tap. And they haul HUGE bags of stuff with them every time they go. Just in case there’s some emergency and they suddenly need ten books, a horde of stuffed animals, two or four changes of clothes, or a few bathing suits, you know? Crazy little bag ladies in training. Right: We all love hanging out in bookstores. But that’s not the reason I snapped this photo, it was because of that lady’s funky coat behind us. Wild:

We’re separating the girls more and more to encourage individuality. For starters, they are now in separate gymnastics classes on different days. Each girl gets a little mama time and a hot chocolate while her sister is in class. So far we’re all loving the arrangement. Ree left, Ro right:
2012-02-06 15.42.03-2SAMSUNG

Left: TubaDad and I celebrated our birthdays this week (he’s one day older than I), and he brought me the traditional Donettes and strawberries for breakfast in bed. Mmmm. Oh, and for the record, this was the first year that I’ve had to use my reading glasses to see what my birthday cards said. Sigh. Right: The girls and I have a new fave yogurt. It’s Greek Gods yogurt. Oh man, the stuff is heavenly. If you’ve never tried it, please do so now.
Donettes and strawberriesGreek Gods yogurt

Well I guess that catches us up. It’s always interesting to look back through the cell phone and see what we we’ve been up too. I find myself saying “Oh yeah, I forgot about that” an awful lot. Guess that old age is really kicking in. Heh.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to you and TubaDad!

  2. Hope your birthday was fabulous from start to finish. BTW, my son is getting married this summer. His birthday is 5-3 and hers is 5-5. They sort of seem like they were made for each other - like you & Tuba Dad.

  3. Fun, all the piccies. Happy Birthday to both you and TD.

  4. Hope you both had a great birthday!

    Have you tried Chobani greek yogurt?


  5. Oh man!! Can't believe I missed your birthday! SORRY!!! I have a reminder on my calendar but was out of the office Thurs and Fri so missed it. That and I was convinced that it was next Thurs. Ooops! Hope you had a wonderful day! B'fast in bed of donuts and strawberries is a great way to start the day for sure!!

    Winter here is really mild too. We're calling it the 'winter that never was' and oh how I'm enjoying it! Have shovelled exactly twice. Ahhh...hope we have more like this!

    Those ropes are high! It amazes me that kiddos can climb to the top and often with ease!

    Poor little Ree. Cute pic and I hope she's feeling better.

    The flashlight walk sounds like lots of fun!

    I want to try the sharing cream 'paint' with Hannah as I know she'd love it but I need to ensure whatever was causing her hives is not sulfa related. Sometimes some of the chemicals in shaving lotion have sulfa roots. I bought some shaving cream the week before her hive episodes so haven't pulled it out. I might try a little drop on her arm and see if she reacts at all.

    Happy Beleated Birthday sweet, sweet friend!!

    I love you!!

    Cath xo

  6. Anonymous2/12/2012

    These are great. Thanks for running commentary.

  7. Thanks, guys!!

    Suzy: congratulations on the wedding. How fun, and tell your son that back-to-back bdays are the best! Plus, you never forget your spouse's bday.

    Julie: We have tried Chobani but didn't love it. I figured we just weren't greek yogurt folks. But we tried this one last week and it is so popular that I can't keep enough in the house.

    Catherine: you didn't miss anything my friend, we celebrate for a whole week and lump V-Day in to it too. :-) Hope you get a handle on Hannah's hives soon - the not knowing is always the worst.

  8. I had Greek Gods yogurt in honey for the first time this week. Oh my YUM! I think I like it better than ice cream!

    Happy birthday!

  9. Happy Birthdays!

    Yes the Greek Gods with honey is better than ice cream, esp paired with a fresh ripe mango, mmm.

    Your girls are really strong! Ropes are tough. :)

    I think I need a glasses tune up because this is the second blog I've mis-entered the letters and had to try again to comment.

  10. M3, this gramma would like to try the food coloring and shaving cream with my grand children . It seems that food coloring can get on and stain so much. Does it really just wash right off of tub and tile walls,grout? Thanks. Loved all your phone photos and the "stories" accompanying them.

  11. Hi Gramma, we don't have any grout in our tub (it's some kind of solid wall) so I can't say about the grout. It washed right off of the solid walls and the kids without staining, but grout is a lot more porous.

    If anyone has tried it on grout, please let us know.

  12. You are soooooo funny. I just love your posts. I want to be like you so much....you have so much fun with life. And those girls....awww those funny girls of yours. Have a great week.

  13. Happy Birthday! I guess we share a birthday week! Brunettes always think alike. I know, because as it turns out, I am also a latte and donettes girl (albeit not chocolate, unfortunately). And now I know I can make them at home? Because that's dangerous. Please don't tell my family how often I stop for donettes on my way to school pick up...it's shameful.

  14. Have a nice day on your special day!The kids are cool and very lovable. Hope you have a great day!