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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The dragons of 2012 (updated, scroll down for new cakes)

This is definitely the year of the dragon – the reptilian wonders are popping up everywhere! After posting our dragon cake photos and directions, I asked for pictures of your own Chinese New Year celebrations, and have been grinning ever since. People have sent the BEST pictures of dragon cakes. What I love the most is seeing how each person adapts the cake to fit their particular candy, color, dietary, or size requirements. Some of the cakes are gluten and artificial-color free, some are party-sized, some are family-sized, some are decorated by the kids, and some are decorated by adults with crazy icing skills. This little army of dragons is made with a wonderful array of candies, heads, and personal touches. The creativity is just awesome!DSC_8616LR
2 34 56 78 9
10 11
12 13
14 15, Becky at "Carlsen Crew" piped the frosting through a flat tip to make scales16 17
18a 18b19 2021 22, Dawn's cake that started it all!
23 DSC_018125 26, Dawn's cake this year using Color Mist spray and sprinkles for contouring27, Kim and her sister made the incredible cake shown in the post "From China with Love"27, Kim and her sister made the incredible cake shown in the post "From China with Love"28, used cherry flavored M&Ms that are avail for Valentine's Day

Important: For privacy, I cropped out all kids’ faces and didn’t put any decorator names or links on the above pics unless given permission. But I’d LOVE to include that info. If it’s ok to link your cake picture to your blog, or have your name appear in the mouseover text for your cake, or have me uncrop your pic to show faces, or add a cake that I don’t have yet, or anything at all, just click “email M3” in the left sidebar and let me know. (If you hover over your cake you’ll see a number, please include that in your email.) Also, if you want your cake picture removed, just say the word. It will be done immediately.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Gong Hey Fat Choy! Happy year of the dragon!


  1. Thanks for posting all the dragon cakes. What fun! We will be doing another one next week for my daughter's birthday party.

  2. Love the pictures, and happy to see ours included! I'll email you when I can get to the other computer.

  3. Love the diverse creativity going on!
    We will be going to the SF parade this Sat, will we see you there?


  4. So much fun!!! Love to see all the different dragons and the variations on your amazing theme!

    It was fun to see all the different decorating techniques. guess I didn't need only 2 colours of M&Ms after all!

  5. Heather - we won't be there this year. We've got 3 birthdays this week and weekend. Yikes! Have a blast!

  6. Those are so awesome! Thanks for posting -- they were really fun to see.

  7. Those are amazing! I have to say I love the rainbow dragons!! I don't think I would have thought to do that. Super cool. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Loved them all. But my favorite has to be the Loch Ness Monster dragon #10

  9. Anonymous2/08/2012

    Thanks for sharing.

    For another cute idea, see:


    Search for: Happy Birthday Marshmallow Cupcakes

  10. Rhonda -- I know, crazy huh?! Did you see the rainbow one with swirls of M&Ms? OMG. Love.

    Anon: Cute, cute cupcakes, and I feel like even I couldn't mess those up (quite important!).

  11. Anonymous2/08/2012

    The cakes are all beautiful. I hope each person had as much fun making them as you and Maggie had.

  12. Anonymous2/08/2012

    That was my unidentified Anonymous comment. Sorry about that.


  13. What great cakes!

    Are you going to be at the FCC BTNY party this Saturday in Mill Valley? I'd love to meet you there.

  14. Hi K, we're going to miss it this year. We've got 3 birthdays in the next 3 days and just couldn't fit it in. Have a blast!!

  15. So fun! They all look fabulous. On a side note, for those locals who are going to SF for the parade...how child friendly is it? We've got 7 kids ages 14, 13, 11, 7, 5, 18 mths and 16 mths. I think it would be too much this year for the babies, but how safe/child appropriate is it? We really would love to go sometime.

  16. Anonymous2/09/2012

    great work!

  17. Anonymous2/09/2012

    I made the marshmallow cupcakes for a combined Birthday/Valentines party tomorrow.

    red cupcake papers from Target
    white cake
    white frosting
    marshmallow petals with red sugar sprinkling
    cinnamon red hot for fliwer center


    The scissors cause the marshmallow slices to form a petal shape. The slice is sticky, of course, so it grabs the sugar.
    I did the petals a day ahead, and they were very easy to put in place today.

  18. I'm still planning to make one. Because of construction on our house, I have a feeling we'll be having our party in May or June!

    My plan is to decorate with Reese's Pieces. I can't have chocolate, and since only 3 colors come in the bag, I'm thinking I can buy a few regular bags and hopefully have enough of what I need. :)

  19. Okay that is awesome!!!!!!!!!

    Have fun on your get away. By the way, you will look great in your suit!

  20. Sandra2/17/2012

    Your two daughters are adorable, I too love your dragon cakes, they are perfect! My daughter was found on the streets in a small town in China, so I hardly know anything about her family history. I was so upset that I wouldn't be able to tell her anything of her past, but after reading http://onlineceucredit.com/edu/social-work-ceus-iap I have learned that teaching her of the Chinese culture with make positive impact on her life. I love helping her to make a connection with her roots!

  21. Where I can get the Dragon templates for your Dragon 3?