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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Walkin’ on sunshine

You gotta love the kind of sunshine that barges into the house so forcefully that everything in its path glows in response.


PS: That’s Ro in the purple and Ree in the white. And I probably should have mentioned to family members that their bracelets both fell off. Sorry ‘bout that. We’re getting them repaired. In the meantime, look for Ro’s half-grown-out self-styled bangs and her freckles as an easy way to tell who’s who.


  1. LOL! That's why I couldn't find the bracelts! Was looking desperately in the Star Wars post.

    Beautiful sunshine!

    PS - I had Hannah's 3yo pics taken last week and in one of them she reminds me so much of Ree! I'll have to send you a copy to see what you think.

    1. Yes, please send it!! Can't wait to see.

  2. Anonymous3/07/2012

    I was wondering about the bracelets, too. I thought maybe they thought they were getting to big for them. If they decide that, just tell them that Ma still needs to see them sometimes. Every once in a while I will look at a picture and have trouble telling who is who and the bracelets surely do help. That was such a good idea!


    1. My dad was the one who asked about them, funny!