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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We finally got a smidge of wintery weather

So what did the girls want to do? Curl up by the fire? (my vote) Take a warm bubblebath? (also my vote) Nope. They reminded me that I had promised as soon as it rained we could take a night walk in the downpour. (smacking self in forehead)

Alrighty then. We suited up, grabbed our umbrellas and flashlights, and set sail.

They loved it. Of course. I thought it was funny to watch them, but my little butt would have been perfectly happy to burrow into the couch and watch a fun movie while listening to the storm. So, what do you do when it storms? I’m hoping your stories involve much warmer, drier, and cozier ideas. Please share, because the next time it happens I’m going to have a nice enticing indoor activity in my back pocket.

PS: Shark tooth! Just discovered that Ro’s big tooth is growing in behind her wiggly-but-still-very-attached baby tooth. Gah! Anyhow called the dentist and he said “either wiggle that baby out or I’ll have to take care of it.” We’ve got an appointment on the 5th, so we’ll see what happens.

Oh, and another PS: Demolition has been scheduled for the new kitchen. Yipes. The first sledgehammer will fall on April 2. Da da da dum…!


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  1. Anonymous3/22/2012

    In the Pacific NW people run in the pouring rain. The non-athletes among us hunker down with food and books and movies and prefer to stay dry.

  2. Anonymous3/22/2012

    Our son had his two permanent teeth grow in behind his baby teeth. I'd never seen that before! Dentist said as they grew in baby teeth should come out. They did, although they waited a long time and almost until dentist was going to help them.

  3. I love to watch a storm...from the comfort of my couch, bed or porch. If it's a warm spring rain we've been known to go out and walk in it and splash in the puddles but more often it's a day to bake cookies and enjoy them with a mug of hot chocolate and movie!

  4. Emily had the shark tooth thing as well. It was strange. One day the baby tooth started to wiggle and then literally in like 2 days it popped out. It did not get to that push it back and forth with your tongue thing so it's hanging on by a thread. Emily pulled and it popped out. And the tooth broke in half. It was bizarre. But the new grown up tooth is already there so she didn't have a hole for very long (maybe 4 days or so!) The dentist threatened to pull hers too, but seriously, it fell out on it's own in about 8 days.

    Rainy days are go to movie days. Nothing is better than a giant tub of popcorn and a fun movie!

  5. We're all about hot chocolate and movies by the fire here. But our winter is less rain and more snow and ice, so I get to spend lots of time outside as well. Kids rarely get cold, I have found, while I nearly die out there. I shovel to stay alive!

  6. I'm with you guys -- anything warm and dry (preferably warm and dry and sitting). Ahhhhh. The sound of raindrops hitting the window is so fun.

  7. Seriously, you are such a good mom!!!

  8. My Cassie (from China) also is getting shark teeth! This happened with only one other of my kids so far, and eventuality eh baby came out. With Cassie I can tell the baby one is already much more wiggly, so I am not worried about it. On the subject of teeth, this child of mine who will be 6 next month has already lost 5 (almost 6) baby teeth and has 4 visible adult teeth! Seems like an early teether to me.
    I can already foresee expensive orthodontia in her future too...oh dear.

  9. I can promise you this... I don't go out in it!
    You are an awesome momma.
    The end.

  10. Well, the plus side of a backyard is that they can splash in the rain while I sit inside with a glass of something grownup and watch them get soaked :) I have learned to watch my mouth when making promises... I'm usually help up to them at the most incovenient times!

  11. My daughter (7 now) also had the shark teeth thing on her bottom teeth. I was pretty freaked out but the baby teeth came out soon after and her tongue thrust the teeth in place just like the denist said they would.

  12. This is my first time on your site, and those girls look like a ton of fun (twinados :)! I always wanted twins, but alas ...

    Anyway, legos, tinker toys, and forts with flashlights work well for kids being indoors on stormy days around here. But, I have boys and a wanna-be-boy, I'm not sure how appealing those would be for your girls :).

  13. love the pics!



  14. My kids freak out in storms. So, yes, we are cozier and drier. But look at the great memories you have!!

    We also have the shark tooth problem. Eight teeth have come out, and seven of those 8 had to be extracted. The one tooth that fell out hung there so long without falling out, that when it finally came out (in her sleep), it was already rotten. Ew.

    Evan is only 3, but after his cleft surgery, many of his teeth are on the roof of his mouth. Do new ones really grow there when baby ones fall out? I guess I'll find out in 3 or 4 years.

  15. Anonymous3/25/2012

    If all the raindrops were lemondrops and gumdrops oh what a life it would be. Standing outside with our mouth opened wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fun time, cute pics as usal

    Erika ( should have come up to Oregon you could have had late snow the other day ugh)

  16. I had "shark teeth" on the bottom, and so did my 7 year old son. When I was little--long, long ago--the dentist pulled my baby teeth when the permanent ones started coming in. Gah! It was horrible. My son's dentist just said, oh, the baby teeth will eventually come out, and the permanent teeth will move into place. And, they did! No intervention needed.