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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 2: I think we’ve christened it dust day

Hoo boy, we have dust in every conceivable crevice (and even some inconceivable ones). But the great news is that as of last night (Tues night) the bulk of the demo is D - O - N - E. Now I’m no expert, but two days to get out the cabinets, appliances, counters, backsplash, lights, floors, floor mortar, and all the related debris seems pretty dang good if you ask me.DSC_1254LR

That far end near the window is what used to be the eat-in area. We’ve never used it that way, so we’ll be reclaiming the wasted space and making this whole room into one big kitchen. Whee! The new cabinets will run all the way around the room in a big U shape (the top of the U will face the family room) and we’ll have three counters (on the main island, around the rangetop, and under the window). 

This tiny wall is the only part that’s left of the old sink island for now. The contractor wants to confer with the cabinet guy before moving the plumbing permanently:DSC_1236LR

Here’s TubaDad, just minutes off the plane and inspecting his brand-new empty room. Guess how long his black suit stayed black?DSC_1240LRDSC_1243LR

Our contractor told us he found a Bud Light can and a cigarette hidden inside the wall of the island. !!! I guess that was the building crew’s way of “signing” their building? Heh. We’re using the same contractor who built the “twin palace” for us upstairs when we moved in a year and a half ago, by the way. We heart him. He’s used to me popping in every once in a while, gasping and clapping and taking pics. He likes to make sure I see the good stuff too (like the burnt oven wires), and sometimes tells me “You’d better grab the camera because you’re going to want a picture of this!”DSC_1244LRDSC_1247LRDSC_1248LR

Scraped-clean floor, no more mortar. Yeesh, chiseling that stuff out was the loudest messiest dustiest job ever:DSC_1253LR

This is still our view of the kitchen (unless, of course, I move the poles aside and sneak in with my camera... like I did for the above pics):

Day 2 kitchenless dinner was a smidge braver than the first night’s. Frozen garlic bread in the toaster oven (we adore the Alexia brand if your grocery store carries it) and ready-made tortellini cooked on the burner. Veggies were raw cherry tomatoes and baby carrots. Eh, I’m getting there!

By the way, what’s the difference between a renovation and a remodel? I keep flipping back and forth between the two terms randomly because I don’t know. Which one is this?


  1. A renovation is taking the existing lay-out and revamping it and updating it (making it newer and better). A remodel is "gutting" it and making it a new space. so technically you guys are remodeling.

  2. Renovate: to restore to good condition; to make new again
    Remodel: to alter the structure or use of (something)

    Not sure which I'd choose in your case...

  3. Ooo...fun! Let the rebuilding begin! How cool to take pics all the way along. I bet it was killin' TD to be away and miss all the 'fun'!

    I'm impressed with all the meals you're making during your remodel (my choice based on above commenters descriptions).

    What's on the menu for tonight? I'm guessing you're off the hook for making Easter Dinner this year!

  4. Gutting & changing is definitely a remodel!

  5. Anonymous4/04/2012

    The crockpot was my best friend during our kitchen remodel. Elaine

  6. Um, I'm calling this a tear down! Thanks for the hugs over at Wisdom yesterday. It was so nice to have the first comment bring me a smile. We had a whole day with zero meltdowns! AND take out pasta...so...all yum.

    Good luck!

  7. How about "humongatoid re-do"? I love this stuff! There is nothing more satisfying than blowing up a room you really dislike and making it exactly what you want. I've done it and loved every single minute of it - even the dust.