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Friday, April 27, 2012

Little Ree, looking awfully grown-up if you ask me


That pic was for my photography class. I was trying for leading lines (the fence slats), rule of thirds (not having the subject smack in the middle of the pic – the one rule I probably do a lot), and patterns in the fence (or “patrens” as Ro calls it).

Speaking of Ro, she’s been a great helper, and she is really digging this class. (This is her in the pic below, which was my attempt at creative leading lines without knocking my teeth out on the monkey bars.) She grabs my purse camera and follows along as I snap away. And she can rattle off all the rules of composition that I’m supposed to be trying this week. I think she gets it better than I.

DSC_2238LR copy1-2LR

Here are two of Ro’s purse camera snaps so far during the class:

She says this is blurry background (shallow depth of field):

She says this is patrens (patterns):

Funny kiddo.

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  1. great pics, M3! And yes, she does look grown up...

  2. She IS looking more gorwn up! Your girls are just a bit older than Caroline, and it amazes me how fast the years go by. I had to tell you I love that second photo! GREAT leading lines and composition! And your girlie didn't do too shabby, either! :)

  3. Can you do me a favor? Please ask your sweet girlies to stop growing up quite so quickly! Oh my are they adorable!

    Great pics and I'm totally impressed that Ro is getting those pics with your purse camera!! I had no idea our purse cameras could do that! Can you please ask her what settings she is using? :o) Seriously!!

  4. PS - Ro's second pic totally reminds me to fixing last year's palm branch with duck tape in our jammies!!

  5. Great pics....you have always been my inspiration! Ro is really "getting it"....I wish I could have started at her age!

  6. I think Ro has got photography in her blood!

  7. Wow! She is good! The blurry background one is springtime fresh! It would make a beautiful screensaver! She is one talented little photographer. Tell her the "blog people" are very impressed with her talents!

  8. Love your shots, but gotta say that Ro's are fantastic! Give that kid a camera.