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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Twas the night before Easter...

...and the Easter Bunny was busy blogging instead of filling baskets. Hm, here is a quick blast of pics from today’s egg hunting, because I’d better hop to it.

We went to a morning egg hunt/party and nearly fell over when our two shy little girls waved their hands madly to attract Flynn Rider’s attention and then Ro was actually picked to go up and sing the healing song in front of everyone. And she did!!

Then, because they simply hadn’t reached their eggity fill yet, we came home and had Ro and Ree run hither and yon hiding five dozen plastic eggs for each other. Great plan, and TubaDad and I were sitting lazily in the sunshine congratulating ourselves on the brilliance of having them do all the work, UNTIL our eager bunnies came up short 31 eggs and have no idea where they’re hidden. Zoinks!

Happy Easter baby girls. I hope the bunny brings you the baskets of your dreams (and I hope there are some Hershey’s miniatures in there because I have it on good authority that *someone* has been hitting the bunny stash pretty hard this week).


Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Anonymous4/08/2012

    Have a fun blessed Easter. JESUS HAS RISEN!!!

  2. Happy Easter! My girls and I made Easter cupcakes yesterday thanks to your post on springtime marshmallow decorated cupcakes. It was blast! Thank you for the idea. Jennifer


  3. Happy Easter Ro and Ree!

  4. What a wonderful day!

    That is an absolutely GORGEOUS family pic!!! So nice to see all of you in one pic. It's tough to do....or at least remember to do! :o)

    Heh...hope the missing eggs show up. If not, it's a game that will go on and on.

    Mmm...Hershey miniatures! The target in this house has been the M&M eggs. How could that happen when the bag was sealed??

    Have a wonderful Easter friends! We love you!!

  5. Your family photo is stunning! What a great snapshot in time of all of you in the sun having some Easter fun! All of the photos are great! Fantastic scenery and beautiful little ladies! Happy, happy Easter to all of you.....and may there be some special chocolate for Mama!!

  6. Happy Easter to a truly beautiful family. You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i'm loving the family picture! you all look great, and so joyful! happy easter to the salsa family!

  8. Love those smiles! HOpe you guys have a great day!

  9. Looks like fun! Although Flynn seems to have, um, aged a little. lol. Loving their little bohemian outfits. :) Hoppy Easter!

  10. Hope you found all the eggs! Too funny!

  11. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!! and I hope someone is enjoying lots of Hershey's Miniatures:))

    I love the girls outfits!! So pretty!



  12. Lovely pictures, and very good idea to have Ree and Ro hide AND search for the eggs! Has the mystery of the 31 disappearing eggs been solved yet? And how about an update on your kitchen - i'm sooooo curious what it looks like now! :). (it's been four days, M3! ;-))

  13. Waaaay to much fun! How awesome!