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Thursday, April 5, 2012

You’ll think we’re crazy for this decision

Progress for Day 4 of the Big Huge Remodel was slow and steady. They finished demolition on the powder room (removed the floor tiles, chipped out the mortar, removed the old medicine cabinet, finished removing all the shower stuff) and put in the new kitchen window! Not to diss the poor little powder room, but it just didn’t rate today compared to the excitement of a brand new window.

I know, folks probably think we’re crazy for making a window area smaller.  But we had our reasons. We loved the amount of light that came in (who wouldn’t?), but couldn’t put anything against that wall and found that we never opened those windows but did frequently duck and crane to see around the blockages. Now we’ll be putting tall cabinets to the left and right of the window and low cabinets and a long countertop under the window -- so the new opening is higher (just above counter height), a little narrower, and one solid piece of glass.

Remember it used to look like this:DSC_1112LR-2

Well not anymore...


Now that wall is practically begging for cabinets and countertops, dontcha think?!:DSC_1331LR

Here’s the new shape from the outside. Hm, that ground is just begging for greenery too, isn’t it? That’s where my poor hibiscus bushes used to be. I’m using past tense because we had freezing nighttime weather for days in a row, I callously/foolishly didn’t cover my poor plant babies to protect them, and my beautiful hibiscus were annihilated:

Welp, it’s time for this crazy person to go don some pajamas and put those tv dinners in the toaster oven. Woohoo, bring on Spring Break and no alarm clocks or homework for 10 whole blissful days!

So, does anyone have any wonderful Easter or Spring Break plans? We’re going to an egg hunt and bunny-lovin fest on Saturday, then a yummy dinner at my folks’ house on Sunday, then Great Wolf Lodge later in the week. Yay!!!


  1. I don't think it's crazy at all. From a person with not enough counter space/cupboard space I'd consider it too!

  2. oooh-you did Milguard windows-- we're building a house this summer(!!!!) and that's what we've chosen for our windows:) can't wait to see the end product!

  3. Great idea! Oh by the way, we did your cupcakes at our Easter party last weekend and they were so fun and the kids loved doibgvthem! We had kuds from 7-14 making the beautiful cupcakes! Thanks again!

  4. Good grief. Dang phone is a bad speller! Sorry!!

  5. Looks great! Your home has so much wonderful light that you won't miss this little bit nearly as much as you'll enjoy the cupboard and counter space! Great choice!!

    Sounds like a fun Easter weekend! I think I'll need to tie Miss H down as I have 4 (what was I thinking??!!!) events involving Easter Egg hunts planned. Oye! The chocolate in this house will be overwhelming! Wanna come help??

    Have a wonderful weekend and great spring break! Are you headed to the Great Wolf Lodge near us?? :o) I turned off our alarm when I put Hannah to bed. 4 mornings of no alarm are pure bliss!! 10....even better!!

  6. Kristina4/05/2012

    Looks really good! So exciting to see the progress! Enjoy sleeping in!!

  7. We did the same thing....sacrificed window light to be able to move the sink & have a more practical layout. Everyday I wonder why the kitchen wasn't laid out this way in the first place!
    Don't you have to be up early for the construction crew? I was totally "entertained by both my big remodels (we added a sun room this year) but it felt like I had permanent "house guest"!

    1. Yep, luckily they all know me and didn't bat an eye when I greeted them at the door at 8am in my robe and pink PJs and said "Morning, please let in the next guys who knock, I'm heading back upstairs." Hee!

  8. We're nearing the end of our 14 day break, and IT HAS BEEN HEAVEN. Restful, fun, and just plain great, even with everything that is going on. Hope yours is great!

  9. Melissa4/06/2012

    love the reflection of your view in the window!! The kitchen is lookin good too!