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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Winner for book giveaway

May1randomnumberCongratulations to Resplendentquetzal, who submitted winning comment #9 with “Over the Moon is a favorite in our house because of the plane ride, which our son loves to hear about!”

We had 69 entries (replies to comments were not included as entries), and random number.org drew #9.

Resplendentquetzal, you win a personalized, signed copy of Sweet Moon Baby (please email me with the exact text you’d like the author to write on the cover page) as well as a Kindle version of Mei-Li and the Wise Laoshi. My email address is in the sidebar.

Thank you to everyone who sent in book suggestions, we were so happy to get them all and will be adding so many new books to our library! Cheers!

PS: Resplendentquetzal, I don’t see an email address in your profile, so I’ll announce it here and also leave you a blog comment. If I don’t hear back in 48 hours I’ll need to draw a new winner.


  1. Congrats Resplendentquetzal! Enjoy the book!

  2. We will, I'm so excited. My son will be so happy that it's something just for him!
    Also now that I've got a free Kindle book, maybe I can convince my hubby to buy an e-reader!