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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Check! The dress rehearsal for dance recital is done

DSC_5039LRI like to take pictures at the dress rehearsal instead of the dance recital. Everyone’s relaxed, you can take as many pictures as you want, and you capture funny moments like this one where the teacher wanted Ree to change places so Ree bear-walked to the right spot.

Lights, camera, action, wait... Ree sits patiently in her squat (which she can hold for hours), and Ro is ready to tap it out:

Last year I was flipping out over how much the six recital costumes cost us, this year I just admired the cuteness and happily snapped pics. Funny how quickly you get used to things.

The first number was a tap one. Ree is on the left during most dances and Ro on the right:DSC_5045LR


The girls kept busy between dance numbers playing chess on the iPads, by the way. They’re getting better (at chess and at waiting).

Next up was ballet (again, Ree left Ro right):

Ro looked like she was really getting into it – and she’s so graceful this year:

The finale is always fun. It’s total and complete chaos at dress rehearsal, but comes together somehow in the end. I like seeing the little girls together with the big girls who have been doing this for awhile:

Ro had some awesome leaps as she crossed the stage:

Ree leaped then laughed with relief (whew!):

I was blowing kisses at the end and Ree peeked through the crowd on stage to catch one. You did it babe!

Congratulations sweet dancers, you survived dress rehearsal and I can’t wait to watch your adorable recital:

PS: I think the photographer was trying to mess with us, haha, the girls are in different places in the two official dance pics above. Ro is on the left in the tap pic, and then Ree is on the left in the ballet pic. But everyone probably knew that already. And I put a whole bunch of pics in this post because BobBob and Wela are off on another crazy antique-car tour and will miss the recital and all this cuteliciousness.


  1. Oh my...complete cuteness! Love the costumes...Ro and Ree look stunning. Wish we could see the performance in person!

    Aunt Jane

  2. How can you and TubaDad contain yourselves? I imagine you were both bustin' your buttons - or at least your flip-flops. :-)

  3. Serious cuteness overload in this post. They are adorable and you must have squealed when you watched them.

  4. Anonymous6/07/2012

    Oh my, tears of happiness from BobBob and Wela. They look so grown up and elegant.
    thanks for all of the great pics


  5. Too too cute for words!!! What great dancers your little sweeties are! It's fun to see how much they've grown and changed in this year and look so much more confident in their poses. What fun!! Will there be videos to share? If not, I'll just admire the pics all the more!

    Have a great time girls!!

  6. Anonymous6/07/2012

    Adorable, simply adorable and it appears that the buns worked however you did them.

  7. Anonymous6/07/2012

    I danced from age 6-20. IMHO 3 recital costumes for one dancer - that's a bit excessive. For girls that age. For the parents and the kids. Costume changes are a lot pressure for a kid and the mom. That being said, they are adorable little dancers. I love the grace, good posture, and confidence that ballet gave me.

  8. Anonymous6/08/2012

    Just lovely!

  9. Adorable, and wow can they leap high!

  10. Great photos! How very fun!