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Saturday, June 23, 2012

From Beijing to home to Tahoe in one really long day

TubaDad just went back to bed for a while, but before his head hit the pillow he mumbled “You haven’t posted anything new on the blog for a week… zzzzzz.”

Oh well looky there, guess I haven’t. While he’s sleeping off some tremendous jet lag and the girls are playing outside in the mountain air, might as well toss up a few pics.

The whole family is in Tahoe for the weekend – which kicks butt, but was no easy feat. On Thursday TubaDad was still in Beijing on business. While there, by the way, he decided to just casually drop in and visit the CCAA. Crazy boy. I swear he’s as extroverted as I am shy. He wrote this on Facebook:

“Here is an interesting picture for our friends with children from China. This is the board room at the CCCWA (formerly called CCAA). For everyone else, this is the Chinese government agency that oversees adoptions. I didn't get to see the famous matching room, but I did get to say hello to the deputy director and show her some pictures of our girls.”

His next post was: “Tonight's hotel room. It still amazes me that these huge 747 airplanes can get off the ground! — at Beijing Capital Airport:”

A few electrical problems and delays, yadayadayada, and he was winging his way home to us. Yay! After flying all night, he landed, grabbed his stuff, and met us at home where we had already packed everything up for a fun weekend trip to Tahoe. The girls (and PanPan) were raring to go.SAMSUNGSAMSUNG

Can you imagine how loudly they squealed to find out that their Disney Princess magazines were in the mailbox just in time for the road-trip???? Oh it was a joyous occasion, I can tell you that. We still love these little lap-desks that they’re using, by the way. And for anyone who’s curious: PanPan didn’t even crack open an eyelid the entire roadtrip. The little dude likes his sleep (kinda like TubaDad, hee).

We had dinner at one of our fave haunts, Lake Tahoe Pizza Co – that thin rolled over crust is SO good. Mmm, maybe I’ll have a leftover piece for breakfast right now.

While there, we thumbed through the table trivia and Ro got this first one right immediately (while I was drawing a blank for some reason). Dang kids keep you humble, right?:

The girls enjoyed trying out their new sleeping bags, while PanPan enjoyed exploring the cabin in his little ball. We thought the green shag carpeting would slow him down, but apparently it is not hamster-prohibitive.

As soon as TubaDad wakes up again and the girls and I change out of PJs, we’ll trek around the lake and see what adventures we can find. Might be a while on all counts. Heh.

IMG_1755LR_blogIn the meantime, I’ll leave you with our new fave road-trip food – Ghirardelli Sea Salt Soiree (dark chocolate with sea salt and roasted almonds). Oh My Word. The girls picked this out for TubaDad for Father’s Day, and I can’t resist it. Am going to have to find him another bag because unfortunately this one has become empty.



  1. Anonymous6/23/2012

    i think you might be able to train PanPan to come to you if you use the same noise consistently when ever you get him out or give him his favorite treat. Just make the noise (shake the treat can, whistle, whatever) and be sure to follow up with the yummy.

    Don't know, exactly, but i CAN say it works w/ferrets. <3 A1

    How cool is that to have daddy stop by CCWA, all casual and stuff, just to show of his babies!

    So cool to have fun filled summer.

  2. Shauna6/23/2012

    I'm half angry at you and half delighted that you posted about that amazing sounding chocolate. Okay, maybe I'm not all that angry.. Sounds amazing!
    Love how they are wearing princess tiaras while reading their princess magazines! Too cute.

  3. Ooooh, LOVE LOVE LOVE Tahoe Pizza Co. Me and my friend are going in August. Will eat there every night.

    Glad Pan Pan could make the trip, he seems to have kept busy in his ball - shag carpeting nonwithstanding.

    Aren't those spiders big and nasty?!! Said friend and I had her brother kill them for us when we stayed in the cabin years ago.

  4. Anonymous6/23/2012

    Didn't you travel to the answer to the first question?

  5. Fun, fun, fun!

    How many WWP+ are those sinful chocolates? ;) I'll bet they're worth every single one!!!

    1. Anonymous6/23/2012

      What is WWP?

    2. Weight Watchers Points

    3. Ooo, Joannah, do I dare calculate it?! Maybe now that we're out of them I should take a peek...

  6. Oh poor Tuba Daddy! Hope he gets tons of rest and you guys enjoy fun times at your cabin.

  7. Wow! That first pics gives me goose bumps! The cool thing is that I have a friend who will receive her referral this week to TD may very well have been in the building at the exact moment her file was being matched! Cool!!!

    That's one long, full day but filled with so much fun.

    Now, about that chocolate! Oye!!! I'm going to put on 10lbs in the 5 days I'm with you!!! :o) 1 week tomorrow!!!

  8. I was thinking the same thing as Joannah. And now I want some. Thanks a lot! :)

  9. I have to tell you that seeing TD in that lobby made my heart leap a bit! I'd love to visit that office. Hopefully next summer. Want to join us?

  10. Queenray6/26/2012

    Can you share where I can get those lapdesks? They look awesome. Your post are making me want to drive from Houston to Tahoe!!! So beautiful!

    1. Hi, here's our review for full info (funny to look at this and see how many years of use we've gotten out of these trays):