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Monday, June 25, 2012

Hasta luego Tahoe

Yesterday was our last day in Tahoe and as usual we slept in really late, lazed around all morning, then finally kicked it into gear and hiked around and found some good rocks to climb. The girls are like mountain goats, they scamper ahead of us, higher and higher by the minute calling “come on, hurry, catch up,” while TubaDad and I scramble in their wake and call out lame things like “Noooooo, don’t climb in that cave unless you’re sure it’s empty” and “Wait, your father and I can’t fit that way, come back, come baaaaaaaack!”

Is it just me or does little hiker Ree look like she’s in the 6th grade in this one pic? Gah!

This must have been one of those spots I was dubious about squeezing through. Good thing I had such will power and didn’t eat too many of those Ghirardelli squares (Ha!!!! We all know I don’t have a drop of will power - my only saving grace was that that bag wasn’t bottomless!).IMG_1867LR_blogIMG_1870LR_blog

I’m trying to be better about using the self timer to make sure our whole family is together in some pictures. For this particular one I only tripped and nearly died once trying to get in the shot:

Our little beach babes. They sure do love swim skirts. (I just noticed from this pic that Ro stole Ree’s purple skirt from another suit and am guessing there were some heated words or some heavy bargaining behind the scenes):

They dance all the time, even on their way to the restrooms, funny little chicas:

Ro took this photo of us. She likes being in charge of the camera:

We didn’t have any food, but the mama duck and her babies swam out of the lake and crowded around Ro and Ree to say hi. They must have sensed that we’re duck people:

In case anyone’s wondering, the hamster proved to be an excellent daytime roadtripper (he has really strong sleeping skills). But we had to laugh when we drove for a couple of hours last night and he woke up and started running on his wheel in mid-drive. We were grabbing a hotel near the Sacramento airport since TubaDad was hopping on another plane in the morning (told ya it was tricky to squeeze in this family trip). Anyhow, when we got to the hotel room, our amiable little pet was done snoozing for the day and SO ready for his nighttime party. This face just screams “Get me the %$#@ out of this cage right now!” doesn’t it?

Well that’s it for our Tahoe trip. After dropping TubaDad at the airport this morning I drove the filthy minivan home. And now the girls and I are sitting in our quiet but totally messy home wondering what our next summer adventure will be. Cheers!


  1. Anonymous6/26/2012

    Looking at all of your delicious photos of sunshine and water I would stay in Tahoe the entire summer. It must be hard to come home.

  2. Great pictures, the girls are looking so grown up!!
    PS: I'm adding your blog to my blogroll, hope that's ok!