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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today we were homebodies (or cabinbodies, I guess)

It turned out to be cabin day. We slept in (hallelujah), hung around the cabin, played on the deck, went for a loooooong hike in the nearby woods, then played on the deck some more.


A hiking we will go:

I think we must get lost easily for hikers -- the woods are incredibly dense, we’re always running in various directions to look at flowers and climb logs, and there are tons of paths -- so we make a whole bunch of arrows as we go. It’s fun, and I can’t tell you how many times we blessed those little arrows on the long walk home today.IMG_2476LR

Ok, this must be a world record for me showing my face on a trip. Now you probably won’t see me again until next summer. Heh.IMG_2462LR2

Tough little hikers. They got dirtier (and happier) with every step:

We were gone for what felt like a half a day but was really probably only 90 mins or so, and when we got back to the cabin the little drama queens threw themselves on the floor and one of them said “It feels like I’m gonna die!”:

They gave another wood-band “concert,” and in the middle Ro said “Reeeeee! You’re doing boom whack whack and you’re supposed to be doing boom boom whack!” What’s even funnier is that Ree said “Oh, yeah!”:

There’s my new Tahoe hat. Got it at the Fresh Pond gas station on the drive up here. I was trying to decide between this hat and another one that had a bright scarf tied around it when I heard Ree wisely whisper “Um Ro, I think that one is too colorful for Mama…” Yeah she gets me:

Lunch was on the deck, of course – no one felt like getting in the car:

IMG_2584LRBy the way if you like peanut butter and chocolate, do NOT buy this stuff because you will not be able to stop eating it and will sneak it uncontrollably at night when the kids are sleeping.

They put together a show and made me the announcer. But, clearly doubting my announcing abilities, Ree (aka Sapphire the drummer) made me a script to follow:

After the show, they spent at least an hour making pictures out of the treasures they had collected and the things they saw on our hike. I vividly remember spending hours doing this with my little bro and Lon and Alecia when I was a kid here at the cabin. Awesome:

It’s kind of fun having the little purse camera along for trips like this. I always have it in my pocket, shoot blindly from the hip, and get some good in-the-moment shots that I wouldn’t otherwise. Cheers!

PS: Lisa and Kayce, you ladies would have a ball up here and so would your girls. Next time, kay? Also, the packaged s’mores are by Russell Stover. They’re just the ticket for beach trips without campfires. They’re huge, by the way, two graham-cracker halves around an inch-thick block of marshmallow that’s been dipped in chocolate.


  1. Oh what a fun post! Their artwork is AMAZING BTW!

  2. Oh man, M3 - that cabin reminds me so much of my summer after graduating high school. Got a job as a motel maid on north shore - had a ton of kids packed into a cabin and I think it was the SAME CARPET!!!!

  3. So cute! My favorite is your "script". You can always come back next year. They will surely never forget these trips with you. Jif "To Go's"...oh yes, we know them well!

  4. I love times like that...laid back and no-where to go. I love how Ro and Ree are easily amused with hiking, snacks and arts & crafts...they sound exactly like my girls!! Enjoy the rest of your relaxing vacation.

  5. What a fabulous day!! Sounds like you need a gps friend. The one I have you can change into walking mode which would hopefully get you home if your cute arrows failed you.

    Mmmm...can we stock up on that Jiff stuff on the way home from the airport? I'd ask you to get it earlier but heh...I know you and you're just like me and it would be gonzo! ;o)

  6. Oh, man! I'm so jealous!!! Looks like you're having lots and lots of fun. I just caught up on all your trip posts, and you girls are so lucky that school is out. Michaela and I are still starting the daily grind at 5 am until next Wednesday. :P

    1. Oh man, hang in there Joannah - the last few days are The Worst. Time stands still. Can't wait until you and Michaela can sleep in and snuggle all morning. Ahhhh.

  7. Looks like so much fun! Can you share what kind of camera you are using?

    1. Hi Krista, I've got a Canon s95, but it's giving me fits right now so I wouldn't recommend it. Every picture comes out orangish and it's overflashing like mad -- despite being reset to factory settings. I think it needs to go in for repair this week.

  8. Great pictures! What a fun little vacay you guys are having! :)

  9. Loved their comments about the wood band rhythms! Hilarious! I sure hope I get to meet you all some day!

  10. We really need a 70s cabin with shag rug!

  11. Hey we were cabining it too! Looks like a great time. I love days where you chill and just play games and relax.

  12. Hi! you have come a long way M3!! I remember reading, when your girls were first home,how you were afraid to leave the house with both of them--now look at you!! I really enjoy reading all your adventures and regular home stuff,too. In fact,all your regular home stuff sounds like adventures,too!
    Happy Summer.

  13. New reader here. Looks like such a wonderful place to spend some summer days. Very relaxing.