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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I feel like we’ve been dipped in blue

This was our lunchtime view – nice picnic table beside a little trail overlooking that bluerthanblue lake under bluestblue skies. Really, could it have been any prettier?! I practically didn’t know whether to eat or stare. (Ha, you KNOW I ate, right?):

Love these two little beach girls.

Funny quote of the day: when the girls were making a lake-cooled hole for their rootbeer bottle, Ro dumped water on Ree and she screeched “Seriously, Ro? Seriously????” Definitely picked that one up from me -- wonder what other gems have been absorbed…

This is one of the things I love best about Tahoe. You can be sitting in the sand in blazing hot weather and still find nice cool shade under some stately pines:

Hard to believe they still fit in this red wagon. They’ve been squeezing their little butts in here since they were one year olds. By the way, the new packaged s’more treat they were trying out here was pronounced “delish.”

Good to know that some things never change. I stopped at a red light and looked back to see this. We end every good beach trip this way:

After resting up and grabbing a little pasta, we headed as north as we could get in search of the tiny patches of remaining snow we could see on the mountains. Couldn’t get high enough to get our hands on any snow (if anyone knows what roads go to the tippy top, please share) but did find some good climbing rocks and intriguing crevasses (the girls called them diamond caves and would have played there all evening if we didn’t get chased out by vicious mosquitos):

I loaned my mini tripod to my dad, thinking our second one was in the van. Yeah, apparently not! The camera is balanced precariously on a rock and piece of bark for this shot. Whew:

I don’t know what she’s planning to do with this fluffy mossy stuff, but Ree can’t resist picking it up everywhere we go:

I’m a total sucker for the sight of delicate wildflowers framed by trees and boulders. Was even willing to risk more mosquito bites to stop and appreciate this view as we hauled butt back to the safety of the van:

When we got back to the cabin I had to kill yet another ginormous black spider. That thing was a big as a quarter and right above my pillow. Ugh – gives me the intense heebies every time. Don’t you hate it when you look around frantically for someone to take care of something only to realize it’s all you? You’re the only adult for miles around and the only choice is to suck it up and get it done. Does that happen to anyone else?


  1. You're gonna think I'm nuts, M3 - I don't kill spiders. I trap them by putting a clear deli container over them, slide a paper plate under the container and escort them outside.

    Are you on north shore?

    1. Oh yeah, completely nuts!! ;-)
      We're south shore.

  2. Anonymous6/13/2012

    Simply gorgeous scenery. How hot is it? What are the packaged s'mores?

    1. The temp is perfect - 78 or 80 during the day. And I can't remember who manufactured the packaged s'mores, we got them at the cvs drugstore. Mmmmm.

  3. Yes!!! I want to know about the s'mores treat too. Please??

    1. Just for you guys, I'll go back to the drugstore and get some more and find out the name. :-) (It's right across the street, I'm sitting in the McD's using their wifi and watching the girls in the Playplace.

    2. Ok, the packaged s’mores are by Russell Stover. They’re just the ticket for beach trips without campfires. They’re huge, by the way, two graham-cracker halves around an inch-thick block of marshmallow that’s been dipped in chocolate.

    3. Thank you! I am totally going to look for these.

  4. What a great vacay! Love all the blue, blue, blue!!

    Heh, you captured the, 'Seriously Ro?' pic perfectly! I can even hear the words but it um...someone else...saying them! ;o)

    Your phrase that I hear myself utter on an almost daily basis is, 'I need a polite request please.' Heh! Wonder what I'll pick up this year?

    love you! So happy you're enjoying this time with your girlies!

    And oh yah, I totally understand having to do all the 'adult' stuff myself. Stinks sometimes!!

  5. Catherine - totally!! Every single spider emergency (and every other kind of emergency) is you and only you. Yeesh.

  6. What a fun trip!!!! Yes I have looked around and noticed I was it! Still not sure how I feel about that one sometimes:)

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  8. I've been the official bug squisher for 11 years now. Lovin' every minute of it-(not the squishing part, the single parent part!!) ;)

    Love all that B.L.U.E. Wow.

    The girls are precious!!

    dd Sunshine 11
    dd Brilliance 6

  9. Beautiful place your girls look like they had so much fun!

    I remember once a spider was hiding in my pjs and I was screaming for my husband but I was alone, the spider is still wandering around somewhere O_O

  10. This is the perfect way to start summer vaca. Well, other than the mosquitoes and spiders. I USED to squash spiders, but I got married, so there are just some things I don't do anymore. If called upon, I could brush up my skills and do it, but YUCK!

  11. Anonymous6/14/2012

    We have the same wagon! I put my one year old in to pick up big sis from the bus stop, then big sis ( eight years old, 70 pounds) climbs in for the walk home!

  12. So beautiful! What a lovely place to visit.

  13. I had to laugh at the picture with ALL the girls sunglasses in the plastic bin...I think they can match every outfit and then some;)
    Your week looks amazing and your pictures are just beautiful (just like your girls!!!)

  14. KInda annoyed our cabin doesn't have a beach like that!

    Looks awesome. You guys are so cute!