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Friday, July 13, 2012

Seaweed and library books

DSC_0297LRHave I mentioned that the girls are nuts about seaweed? Because Oh My Word they are. Every time I go grocery shopping, half the cart is filled with the stuff. And if the girls think we are getting dangerously low (anything less than 5 bags makes them very nervous) they start pestering me to go shopping. Annie Chun’s is the current fave (available at Lucky stores).


This is Ro’s “No really, Mama, I’m serious, we need more seaweed” look:DSC_0183-EditLR

I’m still figuring out settings on the new camera (a Nikon D800 for those who were curious – suh-weet!!), so the cute little seaweed eaters obliged me with a few quick test shots before diving back to the green stuff:

They finally stopped grazing and changed out of their jammies long enough to head to the library. Afterwards I thought our enticingly bulging book bags called for an afternoon of popcorn, lemonade, and reading, and they quite agreed. Ahhhhh.DSC_0231LR

Someone couldn’t get enough of that buttery flavoring:DSC_0261LRDSC_0270LRDSC_0275LRDSC_0277LR

The sight of these frogs peeking out made me grin (and reminded me that I need to sew in the waistband of this skirt – the girls have such teeny waists that the XS sizes are great in length but all need width adjustments):DSC_0282LR

Alrighty, off to get that sewing machine.

PS: I know plenty of kids who are mad for seaweed, but I don’t know any adults who like it. Do you?


  1. Anonymous7/13/2012

    I like it a lot but it is not very filling!

  2. I'm an adult and I LOVE it!

  3. I've never had it, but I'll have to try it out! Your girls are the cutest :)

  4. Hello! Long time reader but first time commenter.
    I love seaweed but then again i'm japanese and grew up on this stuff.

  5. I like seaweed snacks but when it's cooked into things it's too over powering for me. It's such a healthy snack for the girls, they get prettier and prettier every day!

  6. Sara & Greg both love it, and Greg orders ours through the mail. I don't know why! We do have it in Indiana grocery stores. I've traveled extensively through Asia, and eaten my fair share, and while I don't mind the taste, I don't reach for it like they do.

  7. My kiddos both love it! I was really surprised that they liked the taste.

  8. Hi! I've been a long time reader and found your blog when we were waiting for our adoption to be completed. Now we have a thriving and happy five year old who is
    Haitian-American and we love seeing the cool projects you guys do.

    I had to comment when I saw this post because I just wrote a kids book called The Hungry Shark, about Amelia the shark who loves to eat seaweed! It started off as a story to my then four year old and then I illustrated it and found a publisher! It just came out on amazon in e-book and print edition! Its been super exciting to have my story and drawings into a book and our love of seaweed inspired the whole tale!

    Take Care!

    Tamia Sheldon

  9. Anonymous7/14/2012

    OH my 2 china girls love it we just bought some tonight at trader joes.... but I do not know of any adults who like it either!!! yuck!

  10. Anonymous7/14/2012

    M3: My oldest love the Korean seaweed - it has sesame oil and perilla oil. She eats it with a little rice wrapped around the seaweed. Now my youngest like the teriyaki flavor seaweed. We live near where we can get both. Have your girls try them. They will love it.

  11. Love seaweed! Trader Joe's wasabi is my favorite flavor. All of my co workers think it's gross. Oh well, more for me! Oh, and they are zero points too!

  12. My daughter loves seaweed. Has since around 20 months when I was introduced to it by a friend who has a daughter from Guangxi as well. G eats it right after breakfast before she leaves the table. She could eat it all day long but we can't keep it in store that long. She eats it pretty quickly. And she turned 8 this year so it has been a long staple at our house. You can order in bulk from Amazon. We get the original yamamotoyama brand in the jar. Her favorite is difficult to come by in the Chinese groceries. They don't stock it as often as we would like.

  13. As you know friend, a little peer pressure as all the other girls were enjoying seaweed and suddenly Hannah was a convert! I've still yet to see the draw so will leave all 9 packages we brought home for my little seaweed snacker!

  14. Anonymous7/17/2012

    Love it. Like the little dried sardines too. They make a great high protein, crispy snack. Yumm.
    I like to eat a small bowl of rice with a little handful of those for breakfast. Add a bit of seaweed and we're good. Sometimes I add a few drops of sesame or chili oil, sometimes not.
    Some students brought some back for me years ago, and I've been 'hooked' every since. ;)

    Your blog is a treat. Thanks for the smiles!

  15. Tiffany, Eliza and Solomon7/17/2012

    I love it!

  16. Those test shots sure did come out gorgeous!

  17. LOVE the I need more seaweed look. I see that often - and yes, we buy a lot of seaweed. Trader Joes non-wasabi version.