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Friday, July 6, 2012

Well you know we still had some fireworks on the 4th

We do most of our celebrating on the 3rd – it’s the day of our party and it’s also the day of our neighborhood fireworks – but we still have to squeeze in a little more fun on the 4th. Of course.DSC_5932LR

Good-friend Maggie always reserves us seats at a local parade, so the girls were front and center – dressed in their WelaWear again, with candy bags in hand, ready to wave engagingly and fill those bags to the brims.DSC_5661LR
(L to R: Hannah, S2, H2, Ro, Ree)

Well the candy was a little slow to come this year... but all of the girls still got more than they could eat (funny how they’re supremely interested in the candy during the parade and then forget about it immediately and never touch it again).


It always makes me grin when our favorite Canadian goes all out for our celebration – this year she had a U.S. shirt and visor. Go Catherine! (By the way, when I was commenting on all of our pictures to her, I said “Wow, that is a whole lot of red, white, and blue!” And Catherine replied “Oh I know, eh?!” Hee!!!)

Dinner that night was at a fave Chinese restaurant and I think the waiter was amused when we (or more specifically the five girls) ordered and ate SIX plates of dumplings. Mmmm mmmm.

We rushed home from dinner for a special Wela and BobBob fireworks display that they procured somewhere while they were on their recent month-long antique auto trip. They started with poppers (immensely popular with the seven-and-under crowd):DSC_5768LRDSC_5757LR-2

Then proceeded to a variety of sparking, flaming, whistling, crackling jobs. I think the girls were equal parts impressed, exhilarated, and terrified.

It was a good show. And in the end, I looked around and saw five happy, tired kids, one lone toy flag still in the backyard, and some scorched patio. I’m calling that a successful 4th of July.


  1. It was a great day from start to finish wasn't it, eh??

    We had a blast and Hannah loved keeping up with your big girls as well as H2 and S2! I don't think she's realized that she isn't 6yo and figures she can do everything the big girls can!

    The fireworks were a HUGE hit! Thanks Wela and BobBob! Hmmm...they're legal in Ontario. You really must visit! *hint, hint!*

    Until next year! Count us in for the 4th of July fun once again!

  2. Anonymous7/07/2012

    I am still in awe of your "picture window."

  3. What a great party and next day fireworks! Thanks for sharing pictures of all the fun! Catherine looks awesome in her red, white and blue! And, Seriously the girl's WelaWear is ADORABLE!!!! They all look so festive and cute!!

  4. Looks like fun! Will you and Catherine be having a reunion with Tiffany, etc like last year?

    1. Not this year, but I hopehopehope we can all get together next year! The Park City "cabin" was just perfect.

  5. Could i ask you a question please....what do you do to get the scorched patio cleaned up (burnt places) i have tried everything even pressure washer, please help...lol The fun we had was so worth it, but now i want it cleaned up...lol Your family is beautiful, i have read your blog since the girls came home, they are precious, and i always look forward to see what is next with them, thank you.

    1. Hi Ruby - we just washed the patio to get up the easy stuff, and then M3's dad scrubbed the remaining black spots with a wire brush. Good luck getting it cleaned up!