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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The party pics

Ok, so our 3rd of July party was funfunfun. D2 graciously agreed to be our party photographer – thanks for all of these pics D2!

Before the party there was a tiny incident: I was making pineapple bacon baked beans, well actually I was starting to make them and opened a can. After getting the lid most of the way open (it’s one of those “safe” can openers that doesn’t leave any sharp edges) I saw what I thought was a teeny ribbon of label sticking out. And without thinking about it (I was talking and laughing with K2 and Catherine) I reached down to rip that piece of label off. Only it wasn’t label, it was a piece of wire the can opener had somehow sheared off and instead of pulling off, the thing sliced through my finger. !!!!! The dang thing wouldn’t stop bleeding. And I DID NOT HAVE TIME to go to Urgent Care because 60 or so people were coming to our house in a few hours and THINGS HAD TO BE DONE. So D2 ran to the drugstore and came back with supplies and K2 butterflied me together, then put a finger wrap on, then I wore what basically looked like a finger condom (did I seriously just use that word on my blog????) and kept the whole thing dry while I finished prepping for the party. Ugh. It’s ok now, although it looks kind of nasty and bled through the bandage during the fireworks. Ugh again.DSC_1758LR

Alrighty then, on to the party. Fun people came:

The kids all enjoyed the heck out of pink car and the backyard:

There was a whole lotta eating:

And then we all got festooned in glowsticks and walked outside to lie down on the grass and watch the fantastic neighborhood fireworks show:

Yay! Hope everyone had a fab Fourth of July (or even Third of July). Cheers!


  1. I will see your "condom" and up you a finger "dildo". The night before the girls 4th birthday party, I slashed through my MIDDLE finger at midnight with a rotary cutter while sewing favor bags. I had to go to the ER, and spent the party with a huge finger bandage on my middle finger that had to be attached to my thumb to hold it in place. Parties! Good times, good times. Yours looks like it was a winner!

    1. Yikes!!! Gotta love party ER visits... Sheesh.

  2. Anonymous7/06/2012

    Your party was definitely the place to be if you were in CA. I am always so impressed with how you pull together a tremendous amount of fun for everyone.

  3. Anonymous7/06/2012

    It was a super party for "children" of all ages. Great fun at the Salsa house as usual.

  4. I'm curious about the 3rd of July. I totally got YOU having a party the day before, but your area does it's firework show on the 3rd instead of the 4th? Does it have one on the 4th of July also?

    1. (and the former English teacher in me cringed when I saw I typed it's instead of its, I guess I should have previewed my comment before it posted.)

    2. Yep, our whole neighborhood celebrates on the 3rd, culminating in the fireworks the night of the 3rd. It's funny, but I asked my friend Maggie how her dogs up North did with all the loud fireworks and she said "um, honey, they did just fine because the rest of the world doesn't have fireworks until the 4th!!"