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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Yay, the Canadians are here! Quick, dress them in some red, white, and blue!

Monday morning, the four besties got dressed in their a.m. finery and got to experience the Brave read-along cd. It was received very well. I noticed that the girls were all playing Brave later that day.DSC_5554LR

Then we left all four kiddos in the H-family’s hands and moseyed on over to the airport. Look who we sneaked up on! Catherine and Hannah. Mwah! IMG_1983LR

Ro and Ree were at the pool swimming with the H family, so we zipped directly there (didn’t even stop by the house or unload the suitcases – except to dig for bathing suits) and reunited all of our little fish. They sure do enjoy each other’s company:IMG_1986LR

They played in the pool and then continued playing back at the house. Their collective energy level is mindboggling. One of my favorite things that they do is group-doctor whoever needs it. And believe me, someone needs it at least 2-3 times a day (even me, but I’ll tell that story later). One girl gets an icepack, one gets wound cleanser, one gets the neosporin, one gets bandaids. They’re a well-oiled machine:DSC_5556LRDSC_5567LRDSC_5585LRDSC_5571LRDSC_5579LR

The next day everyone got all festived up in their WelaWear dresses and we got ready to have a few folks over to the house for our 4th of July bash (which happens every year in our neighborhood on the 3rd).DSC_5594LRDSC_5608LR
(H2, Ree, Ro, S2, Hannah)

My mom brought over a tray of fresh Apricot Dream Bars for the party and I forgot they were there for a little while. My bad. Someone else, apparently suffered no such lapses in his memory... (I just happened to be there when this very first dream bar was being taken. No pic of the last one, because I didn’t get any!):DSC_5617-EditLRDSC_5619LR

I’ll post more about the party and the neighborhood fireworks in a separate post (because I was hopping during the party – we had something like 65 people – so I asked D1 to be the party photographer. And now I just need to go through all the photos he graciously shared with me).

After all the partying and some kick-butt fireworks on the golf course, all of the girls got to have a sleepover in the playroom wearing their new Brave nightgowns. Squeal. They were so exhausted that they all fell asleep almost immediately. (moment of stunned silence):DSC_5629LR

And in the morning they watched Doc McStuffins and the Octonauts while I made them oatmeal:DSC_5651LR

Fun, fun, fun – with cute coordinating outfits that I can take pictures of. Hard-to-beat in my book.


  1. Anonymous7/05/2012

    There is a reflection in the "new" window in your kitchen in one of Dirk's photos that is exquisite. It truly looks like a painting.

  2. Anonymous7/05/2012

    A whirlwind of activity with all of the princesses. Cute, cute, cute


  3. FUN!!! All the girls are so cute! Love the Wela wear and the little "Doctors". Curses M3... I totally forgot about the delish apricot bars. Just might have to make some soon. Tell me, did he girls see Brave??? Wondering if Hannah saw it and if it was too scary.

    Someday I would love to be there for your festivities! Looks like Hannah needs a little "twin" to complete the fun. Hugs!

    1. It was so fun!! And yes you definitely need to make the apricot bars. Mmmmmmmm.

      The big girls saw Brave, and Ree and Ro said it wasn't too scary at all, H2 thought it was pretty scary but still wanted to go straight to the Disney store to get some Brave merchandise, and Hannah didn't see it. Everyone I've asked who took 6 or 7 year old kiddos gave it great reviews (kids and parents), but I don't think I'd take someone younger than that. The bear fight scene is SCARY.

    2. Hey Lisa! Catherine here. I decided not to take Hannah to Brave as I just don't think she's ready for it. I've talked to a couple of people who have taken their 5 and 6yo's and they've just been ready for it and one 5yo found it too scary. I really think it's for a mature 6yo or older. Hannah still tends to frighten easily when it comes to movies so the majority of ours are still just Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TV shows and occasionally a movie. We went to Madagascar 3 and she enjoyed it but was frightened a few times if that helps you gage where Tate might be in comparison to Hannah.

  4. I may be Wela's biggest fan. I love, love, LOVE those dresses. Think she'd make a dress for a 5'9" 65-year-old???

  5. Anonymous7/06/2012

    i ADORE that wela made dresses for all the girls. what a FANTASTIC gramma!