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Friday, August 3, 2012

Hangin’ with the cousins

The cousins from Pennsylvania have arrived, and of course they had to check out Gilroy Gardens. What California visit would be complete without some good ole sweaty, sunscreen-swabbed, thrill-riding fun in the sun?

“Ok mama, you get ONE pic and then we’re heading in!”

Ro took a quick snap of the “grown-ups” too:IMG_2663LR

Then they were off!:IMG_2658LR

Everyone won a stuffed animal at the games (we stacked the odds by pulling a kid out each time they won):IMG_2674LR

And there was a whole bunch of hand holding. You KNOW I’m a complete sucker for hand holding:IMG_2677LRIMG_2679LRIMG_2681LR

Can we all say Hallelujah that the kids are tall enough to go on most rides by themselves? Especially the spinny ones? Wheeeeee! (for the record, I did have to go on the roller coaster twice):IMG_2685LR

After this Wela and BobBob thought it was ice cream time, and I noticed that no one argued. Although Ro did keep a close eye on Ree, perhaps to make sure sister didn’t get an extra dot or two?:
(notice Ree and Ro have perched their stuffed animals from the games on shoulder and hat)

While the little kids were busy with their Dippin Dots ice cream, the bigger kids tried on some cute hats:IMG_2691LR

Then we went on a bunch more rides (seriously, if Disneyland had lines this short I would be there every month) and hit the splash park:IMG_2702LR

Another good day at the gardens:IMG_2703LR

Oh, this little snapshot is from the other day, but you know we also couldn’t let a CA visit go by without sneaking in dinner at TubaDad’s fave Mexican restaurant. Here the three girls were busily drawing the exact dresses that they fervently want Wela to make them. Oy:


  1. Such fun - rides, Dippin' Dots AND a splash park? Sounds like heaven!

  2. I think Indy needs a Gilroy Gardens!

  3. M3...great pictures. Tell me about your D800. Do you like it? I'm thinking of ordering it but holding back because of the file size. Is the low light better than the D300?

    1. Macladie, I really do like it. The low light is stunning, the detail it captures is wonderful, and the pics just come out way better than the D300. I can almost get to the same processed results with both cameras, but the D300 pics take ALOT of editing whereas the D800 pics are great SOOC. I don't use the largest file size, by the way, and I shoot jpg instead of NEF. If I was ever going to do a paid photoshoot or go more pro I'd switch, but for my daily purposes I'm just fine with the smaller files (I'm shooting 5520x3680 and the files are about 10 megs each). By the way, the pics in this post were all from the teeny purse camera - a Canon S90. TubaDad wasn't there and I couldn't carry everything we needed and the big camera.

  4. Anonymous8/04/2012

    I know you can tell them apart but in the photo of the two of them together I simply cannot. The hint is hair length but only because Ree has shorter hair did I know it was her.

    1. I know, I can't tell their twin friends apart usually, so I figure most people must not be able to tell Ro and Ree apart. The hair does help now though - but who knows how long it will stay different. :-)

  5. Here is a hint for short lines at Disneyland. The subscription alone will save your hours of waiting! http://touringplans.com/

  6. M3....I know what you mean by the big girl cameras being heavy and bulky. No paid shoots here. Don't need the stress of it. My son has a new D4 and the pictures off of it are so amazing. Unreal but then he knows what he is doing. Never has to use a flash with it unless it is pitch black. I hate the flash, just the bulk of it drives me crazy. Why they even bother to put the pop up ones on these expensive cameras is beyond me. Once in awhile I will use it to eliminate the shadows out in the bright sun but that is about it. OK, guess I will go and order a 800 from B&H or Amazon. I know someone will take my money.

    1. Oh they will definitely take it... :-) We got ours from Amazon and it was backordered - took about two months from order to shipment.

  7. Ahh....more GG fun! It's great to be able to picture where you are with your family. It's great that they're able to fly in and spend such a fun time together.

    Now....about TD's favourite Mexican restaurant. Can it be that I've missed this place? That must be remedied next July! :o)

    Have fun with your family!