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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Does this picture say trouble or what?


Yeah they make me laugh. And I’m pretty sure they crack themselves up too.

PS: The don’t-miss documentary Somewhere Between is now coming to San Jose! (Read our review here.) Showings for one week (Sep 28-Oct 4) at Camera 3 Cinema in downtown San Jose. Click here to buy tix. TubaDad and I will be at the Saturday 8:30 show, if anyone is going, please say hi.


  1. Oh my gosh! They look like they are 14!

  2. I so LOVE their expressions! I just know Caroline would get a kick out of hanging out with them! And I agree...you can TOTALLY see them as teenagers here! :)

  3. What is really interesting is that the changes in them keep coming at wharp speed. They don't look like cute little imps any more. They look like gorgeous, blossoming young women. I love that they are so feminine, yet have so much sass. I get the feeling that they could kick any boy's butt if need be!!

  4. Anonymous9/28/2012

    Lovely daughters

  5. Yep. That has mischief written all over it.

  6. Cute girlies!~

    We went and saw Somewhere Between tonight. What an important movie. It makes me feel and wish all sorts of things. My mind is busy after that movie. I am so glad it came to San Jose.

  7. Anonymous10/01/2012

    So cute :)