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Thursday, October 11, 2012

So what if it’s 85-degrees, we’re going to the pumpkin patch

It’s fall according to the calendar, so we loaded up the van, grabbed the cousins, and headed to the famous Uesugi pumpkin patch. Ree (left) and Ro put together festive fall outfits for the occasion, and they were styling, even if it wasn’t quite “sweater weather.”

The obligatory entrance shot. I like to look back on pumpkin patch visits as the girls sprout up (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011). Although the big green giant holding a ruler wasn’t there this year. Wonder what happened to him?:DSC_3425LR

Wouldn’t it be a kick to have this giant pumpkin pyramid in your front yard. Do you think the neighbors would mind?:

Pretty much the five of them sprinted through the corn mazes, even the huge 2-acre one. And the adults ran behind them saying “Wait!!! Slow down! Stay closer to us! Where did you go?!”:

Riding the cow train is an annual event. Every year Ro gets the Rosebud cow and is quite smug. And every year Ree is a little torked at whichever cow she gets. Ah tradition...:

Was trying for a little John Deere bokeh here:DSC_3464-EditLR

The girls wanted to do the pony ride but had to make it clear first that “This isn’t REAL riding, mama.”:DSC_3510LRDSC_3529LRDSC_3562LRDSC_3570LR

Something about the layers of pumpkin plants, corn stalks, and mountains appealed to me. What a neat view!:DSC_3624LRDSC_3634LRDSC_3669LR

Had to grab a shot of Miss Ro’s sassy red boots while we were jouncing and bouncing along on the hayride:DSC_3686LR

Wasn’t that bee nice to oblige me with a perfect little pose? I played with this pic in Photoshop and added a texture (click to enlarge). Kind of fun:DSC_3727-EditLR-2

Why don’t I have cute red boots like these?:DSC_3739-EditLRDSC_3753LR

In the end, we rode every ride, petted every pet, mastered the pumpkin cannon, and ran through every maze, but we didn’t buy a single pumpkin. Guess we’ll have to pick up a few at the grocery store.


  1. As soon as I saw the pumpkin pyramid, I had to look up the location of this farm. It reminded me of my first trip to CA, maybe 20 years ago in October. I was working for a company based in Milpitas. I decided to drive out to Half Moon Bay one afternoon, and came upon a pumpkin festival...pumpkins as far as I could see - the hills were completely orange! Very cool.

    1. Those Half Moon Bay pumpkin festivals are legendary! So fun. I used to go to them all the time but now the traffic keeps me away. Sometimes it's gridlock for hours.

  2. I love their red boots!

  3. Cool to look back on the past years at the pumpkin patch. What a fun outing!! I love Fall.

  4. That first photo should scare you. Don't you ever fear it is you that they are plotting and conspiring against? I love the way they are looking at each other.

    Gorgeous photos and the red boots are the kicker.

    1. Ha, Dawn, I don't fear it, I KNOW it!! ;-)

    2. Anonymous10/11/2012

      The 1st photo is priceless.

  5. So love the boots!!!!!! What a beautiful place. Glad you all had fun.

  6. Anonymous10/12/2012

    You always take such beautiful photos. Can i ask why kind of Camera you use? - Lisa N.

  7. Hi Lisa, thanks! I use a Nikon D800 recently, but earlier than the summer was using a D300.

  8. Love the look the two girls are giving each other int the top photo!

  9. Anonymous10/12/2012

    Are the 3 boys also adopted?

  10. Gorgeous pictures and what a fabu day!! How dare they though take away the guy with the ruler, don't they understand the need we Mama's have to take those same pictures each year?

  11. Oh that first picture! I can see the twinkle in their eyes!