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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Texas style

The eight Texas cousins were so excited to get together over Thanksgiving. They hadn’t all been together for a while, but picked up right where they left off, sharing fave iPad games and tips (Dragonvale and Hidden Garden were mentioned quite a few times), teaching group dance moves (like Ro and Ree’s hamster dance and W’s impressive Gangnam Style), trying out crazy-flexible gymnastics and Taekwondo splits and kicks, running everywhere, watching movies, giving hugs, and reveling in a mutual love of dogs.


The Houston zoo is always a good destination for the herd of kiddos. Plenty of space to run (and run and run, oh man this crew was fast) and lots to look at (although I have to admit that I mainly pointed my camera at the two-legged animals this trip):

Local playgrounds were also good for burning off some steam while waiting for a second (or third) round of pie.


Did I mention pie? There was lots of other food too (including Ro and Ree’s fave “corn cake” and some kind of green jello dish that got inhaled). Mmmmm. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And thank you to Ma for such an incredible table of deliciousness.


The cousin sleepovers were hilarious. I’m pretty sure the kids will need a week of hard sleeping to catch up, but they thought they’d won the lottery.


Let’s see, what else? Oh, there were midnight snacks (with chips and salsa, of course) and lots of crafting. Those kitchen tables were always full. And TubaDad’s sister R taught me the coolest trick for separating eggs! Just suck the yolk up with an empty water bottle, then gently squirt it out into another bowl. Get outta town!


At Mercer Gardens I set up the tripod and remote to try and get the whole family in one shot.


Thanks to the whole Texas family for a wonderful trip and such great memories. We’ll see y’all soon.

Happy Holidays!


  1. If you haven't ever been before, the butterfly exhibit and the space museum is worth the time. Although, summers in Galveston will always get my vote. But alas, today I am watching the "atmospheric river of rain" through Sacramento.

  2. What an awesome Thanksgiving!! I think I could hear the giggles, laughter and chatting through your pictures! Precious times and forever memories built! Glad you had such a great time in TX! Happy belated Thanksgiving friend!!

  3. Your pictures do a great job of capturing the mood - looks like everyone had a great time!

  4. Look at you! ...using y'all like a natural ;)

  5. What great pics!!!

    Hey - any chance your fam is thinking about the Heritage trip to China next summer? So far we know one family who's going!

    1. Hi Ellen! We're going on the winter heritage tour - over Christmas break (in less than a month - yikes). If you know anyone that's going on that one, give them my name. Fun!

  6. Didn't realize your Texas family was in Houston - although I'm sure it's been mentioned! Next time you head this way, let me know; I'm in Houston! My husband works at NASA, and he's always telling me that with some advance notice he can get people on some special tour, so if the girls (or y'all) would enjoy that, let me know, and I'd be happy to help. Always eager to meet internet friends in real life! =)

  7. Yay, great photos and looks like a great time!!
    We were definitely due for an update!

    Uncle Bobby

  8. Anonymous11/28/2012

    It was absolutely the best Thanksgiving ever! We are so glad everybody could come. It is always so special to see all the cousins playing together and everybody enjoying each other so much.


  9. Looked like a fabulous time! Really love the family photo of Ma, Pa with all their kids and grandkids. Like the kiddos pics and your own family shot. All wonderful.

    Can't wait to see you in 3 weeks. Wow! Sooooo excited!

    Love ya guys!