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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tahoe getaway (soakin’ up the sun and snow)

Our California girls think snow is the best thing ever, so we took advantage of President’s week vacation and made a quick trip to Tahoe. TubaDad couldn’t get the time off (new job and all) but BobBob and Wela were game, so we loaded up the van and headed to our good old family cabin.

Ree and Ro were up to their nostrils in snow within seconds of arrival. Good thing those old snowpants were packed in easy reach.


IMG_3210-2LRUncle Bobby and Aunt Jane always take cool pics where they’re holding their bikes overhead, so Ree wanted to take this pic for them:IMG_3214-2LRIMG_3224-2LRIMG_3231-2LRIMG_3232-2LR

The first full day in Tahoe was gorgeous. Wow, the sky doesn’t get any bluer, right?

We enrolled the girls in a morning ski class (their first) at Sierra Ski Ranch (which my little brother mockingly tells me hasn’t been called that in 15 years):IMG_3242-2LRIMG_3243-2LRIMG_3249-2LRIMG_3254-2LRIMG_3299-2LR

Our little snow bunnies were adorable, but the class was kind of a bust. Now admittedly are girls are not natural skiers (and for some reason I really thought they would be), but they just didn’t enjoy this class -- too flat, too slow, too much waiting and walking around and around the green carpet, and no progress in their skiing skills. We should have clued in that there wouldn’t be much action when they said the kids didn’t need helmets. Oh well. Afterwards we walked over to a little slope and pulled them up and down about 50 times and taught them a few things old school. They liked that a whole bunch better than the class and actually learned a lot. Next time we’ll just take them on the bunny hill ourselves.

See, adorable, right? (Yeah I’m biased.)


This morning it started snowing at the cabin and the kiddos were joyous. Igloo building, icicle harvesting, snow eating, and sledding are even better while trying to catch snowflakes in your mouth.


I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about this one:

Mmmmm, eating snow is fun:IMG_3414-2LRIMG_3422-2LR

I’ve never seen our van with snow on top before. Or ski racks, for that matter. Hee!:

The snowflakes were cute and fluffy when we were playing. Then we got on the road home and it really started dumping on us. Wow!! Right about here I was really glad I wasn’t the one driving:

See ya next time Tahoe!


  1. Great action shots! Looks like lots of fun!

  2. Fun! And I still call it Sierra Ski Ranch too. :)

    1. Alright!!! Old timers unite! :-)

  3. Glad you had such a great time!! Snow fun is unlike any other! How do the girlies like their pink and yellow sleds? Considering buying one for Hannah but didn't know anyone who had one...until today! :o)

    Welcome home. Hope the rest of your week together is as much fun as the start!

  4. No fair...a week off in February?!? I think we need one here in Colorado for sure! Of course, we'd actually have to have some snow to make it really fun...!

  5. Anonymous2/20/2013

    Yes, even after allowance for bias, they are adorable!

  6. So much fun in the snow!! Fast forward 15 years and I can picture Ro and Ree in their leopard ski jackets walking around the slopes of Aspen! :-) Thanks for the photo, Ree - cool shot holding up your sled! Can't beat Tahoe - next time we are there too! Love, Aunt Jane & Uncle Bobby

  7. Anonymous2/20/2013

    I love it !!!

  8. Anonymous2/21/2013

    Glad you had so much fun! It was good that BobBob and Wela could go along for the good times. Their other cousins were all here for the weekend and we missed Ro and Ree, but are happy that they were having fun elsewhere.


  9. I want to ski Tahoe sometime! We spent President's Day weekend at Keystone and A-Basin (one day each).

    Shaun & I taught F&B to ski the hard way. ;) Dragged them up the really long green slope at Keystone, switched to man-on-man coverage and pointed them downhill. We agree that since the Army gave us 3 years in Colorado, the kids were going to learn to ski if it killed us. Two winters into it and Ben is racing Daddy down the black slopes.

    1. Shannon, that's exactly what I think -- a big long slope and they can't help but get it by the end!

      If you ever get to Tahoe, we'd love to hang out with you there and show you some of our fave places.

  10. Snow bunnies! Looks awesome.

    We are currently having the opposite kind of vacation at that grand hotel where we met last year! Will have a lava flow for you!! :)

    1. Awesome!! And definitely have a lava flow for me. Enjoy!

      Our friends are there right now at that hotel, by the way. Their daughter is in the girls' grade and their son is 3.

  11. Kristina2/23/2013

    Oh so much fun in the snow! Looks like you had a super awesome time. The girls were doing a great job of keeping your mom and dad busy!

  12. Anonymous2/24/2013

    I do love the way your girls are very adventures and love to try lots of new things with what seems to be little or no fear. So great!