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Monday, March 18, 2013

Nose to nose

Dusty has been extremely interested in the blue cage, and the funny thing is that PanPan seems equally curious about Dusty. Yesterday the girls were reading on the couch and the tiny hamster and little dog were having a silent stare down (see PanPan’s head peeking up?):

Right after I put the camera away, PanPan climbed up on top of his house and stood there nose to nose with Dusty for a few minutes. It was hilarious!

Tonight we put Dusty in his crate so PanPan could have a nice safe run. The pup had a tasty new treat to chew on and was pretty happy.


Wait a minute, what’s this?

PanPan just couldn’t stay away. He headed straight for the crate:

And rammed his blue ball right into it:

They stayed that way for the longest time:

Wait, come back!DSC_8073LR

Funny little dudes. Neither one behaved the way I expected. Pretty much like everyone else in this house, I guess.


  1. I love it! They possibly could end up being friends. I have a big, nutty Labra-doodle named Miss Molly who just loves cats. There is a neighborhood cat who loves her & waits in his driveway for us to walk by. They touch noses & we continue on our way....hilarious!

  2. When I was growing up we had a dog and a hamster. The dog used to follow the hamster around when it was in it's ball. Funny friendships!

  3. Anonymous3/19/2013

    Aren't pets wonderful! They can entertain themselves and us for hours.

  4. How fun!! We have similar pictures of Brewster and the gerbils. Nose to nose and then the gerbils just roll on in their little ball. Fun memories!

  5. What a scream! I already miss that sweet puppy. Tate woke up this morning and wondered where all the fun was.. She totally misses you guys and the constant play with the girls, as do I.

  6. Anonymous3/19/2013

    <3 A1

  7. Kristina3/28/2013

    So much fun! I'm sure the pets will become fast friends!