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Saturday, March 2, 2013

It’s funny what you find on your camera card

Guess I haven’t downloaded the purse camera for a while. Oops. Here’s a quick catch-up of random everyday snaps.

The girls are in the school play and like to sing every single song in the play. All of them. Over and over. All the dang time. LOUDLY. When I saw this pic I remembered that they were serenading me inside and I politely suggested that the acoustics might be better in the backyard:

The Children’s Museum is always good for a few hours of enjoyment:

We had our old entertainment center painted and afterwards two little monkeys were more than happy to crawl into the tiny space and hook up our wires. Thank goodness, because if they hadn’t gotten the job done I was next in line:

Uncle Bobby flew into town for a layover and Ro and Ree thought it was a good time for a quick TempleRun lesson:

The horseback-riding instructor didn’t show up on Thursday, so we checked out a park near the barn instead. We didn’t have that good horsey smell afterwards, but it was fun too:

Friday I got to have dinner with the girlies! Thanks Michelle, Kayce, Lisa, and Stacey for a wonderful time. My only complaint is that it went by too fast, as always:

The girls spent the night at my folks’ house while I enjoyed girls’ night out. My mom sent over this pic of the “house” they built. Wonder how long my dad had to sit in there?:

They also made this vehicle out of, well, I-don’t-even-know-what, but it was quite a hit:

These four hoppers greeted us soon as we stepped out the door this morn. Can you believe they didn’t stick around as two seven-year-olds ran toward them screaming with joy?:

Can you spot both tree lovers during their climb this morn? (Click to enlarge):

Alrighty, night all.


  1. Love that picture in the tree....those are the kind of shots I love to capture. Also the one of your Dad having tea....the things we grandparents do to make our grandchildren happy!!

  2. Anonymous3/03/2013

    Great photos! As always, thanks for sharing. I love the clarity of your shots... what "purse camera" are you currently using and if you were to buy a new one today, what one would you choose?

    1. Thank you. These ones were with the Canon S95, which I have to admit that I hate. It overflashes like mad and skin tones come out grossly colored. Almost every picture needs to be edited.

      I don't know which one I'll get next - currently researching that.

    2. Anonymous3/04/2013

      Thanks for your honesty! Please keep us posted on your next camera pick...Teri

  3. Anonymous3/03/2013

    3 cheers to your dad for helping them with the house then sitting in there with them. I love that.


  4. What a fun night with Wela and BobBob!! Gotta love grandparents and all the things they're willing to do with their grandkids!

    Girl's night out looks awesome! I think a repeat early in July would be perfect! Glad you had such a fun night together!

  5. Anonymous3/04/2013

    Great photos! You seem to be a terrific mom and wife. I have to admit though, when I log onto your site, I feel like I don't provide my kids with the same amount of fun! Love my girls, but I'm just not crafty. Thank you for inspiring me to do better:)

  6. I love the legs peeking out in the home entertainment center! Great photos.

  7. Anonymous3/05/2013

    Ha Ha, My daughter was in a school play chorus two years ago and sang the songs over and over and over as well. The CD is still in the car and we play it at least once a week while driving around town!

  8. So much fun! We have to plan another soon!