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Friday, March 15, 2013

The pink mustang gang rides again

Look who came to visit us! Tate and her mama, all the way from Utah.

Ro gave Tate a quick driving lesson. It was apparently a Very Serious Matter. I imagine Ro’s face is similar to the one TubaDad will sport when teaching our girls to drive. (Not me, my face will look nothing like this because I will be as far away as possible. Perhaps getting a massage or drinking some wine and studiously not thinking about Ro and Ree on the road.)DSC_7988LR

Ree wasn’t in the mood to put the pedal to the metal, she was tending the herd:

But the pink car flashed by a few times temptingly:

So she was lured in:

Why yes, it is a three-seater. Actually it’s been a four- or five-seater on occasion:

Dusty was happy to see the girls emerge unscathed from the dangerously fast pink vehicle:


  1. Anonymous3/16/2013

    Seriously, isn't it cool to have a dog now? It's SO completely 'family' to have the two kids, a dog, a hamster and a couple of fish.

    oh. wait..... ;)

  2. Love the new skirts! Wela wear?

    1. No, hand-me-downs on these. That reminds me though, I don't think we've had any new WelaWear for a little while... ahem...

  3. Though I've lurked here FOREVER, don't think I ever noticed before that you live in PARADISE!!! Holy smokes... How do you ever a)leave home, b)stop taking pictures for even a SECOND!!! WOWOWOW!!!
    Much love from Ohioooooooooo!

  4. Yay for a visit from Utah friends!! Have a great time! Sure looks like you're off to a roarin' start!

  5. Anonymous3/22/2013

    Oh my goodness - that is a riot!! I love Ro's seriousness on the driving lesson - and the pics of them all together (and Dusty's "reaction!")

    Your blog posts always make me smile! And since I can use all the smile sources I can get right now, I'm extra appreciative of the adventures and antics of your dynamic duo!