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Monday, April 1, 2013

Quite a nice Easter

The girls made an arrangement on the stairs late Saturday night with empty baskets, Hoppy Loppy (the enormous pink stuffed rabbit, to make the Easter Bunny feel at home I guess), a note to the Easter Bunny beseeching him to remember Dusty (threw a little monkey wrench in the plans), and a couple of baby teeth in eggs (one from Dusty and one from Ro).


Luckily, both the bun and the tooth fairy did their jobs without falling asleep on the couch or something and blowing it (as has been known to happen). And everyone was happy in the morning.


Mmm, breakfast!

After wardrobe change #2 or #3, the girls took Dusty for a long Easter walk (those turkeys always freak me out a little):

The folks came over for a nice ham dinner (the apricot glaze TubaDad made was delish!!):

After dinner we had a little bike show (the girls are attempting to learn a few bicycle tricks this week--bunny hopping, obstacle course weaving, and riding while waving):

That’s about it. It was a nice, peaceful, happy Easter. Hope everyone had a good day.

PS: Do I need to say who’s who? I never really know if it’s obvious or not. Ree has on the green polka dot pj bottoms and Ro the pink frog nightgown, Ree has the bigger bunny ears and Ro has on the added purple skirt in the white outfits, Ree has on the black star sweatsuit and Ro has on the grey sweater and blue leggings in the walk/bike outfits.


  1. How cute to see Wela with her granddog!!!

  2. Anonymous4/01/2013

    The entertainment center looks great (with stuff back on it)!

    1. Thanks! We're so happy with it. Feels like a brand new piece of furniture.

  3. Anonymous4/02/2013

    I would love a description of breakfast! It looks so good!

    1. Just mini carrot cake bars from the grocery store. :-)

  4. Anonymous4/02/2013

    Dusty gets an Elizabethan collar from the Easter bunny...??? What kind of treat is that?

    Huggies Grammy Carol

    1. Little sweetie was neutered this week. He originally had the huge plastic cone from the vet and was miserable. I found this awesome inflatable one at Petco and it was a million times better. It's a Pro Collar, if anyone needs one, and we tried the recommended size and one bigger and the bigger one was perfect.

    2. Anonymous4/05/2013

      Thanks for the head's up on the collar. I will go to PetCo and get one. I hate (as does my dog) the plastic cones.

  5. Anonymous4/02/2013

    Great pics! :) can you pls tell me the maker of your entertainment center. I'm re-doing my home post-Sandy and am looking for a big unit. Thanks! :) love your blog.

  6. Hey, just wanted to give a heads up that Somewhere Between is on Netflix now. Not sure if you wanted to tell your readers. I watched it last night and cried many a times!

  7. Looks like a fabulous day! We just got back from Disney. Fun to catch up. So glad the bunny didn't fall asleep or anything and was where he needed to be (tooth fairy too).

    The girls look so grown up!