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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dog days

One of Dusty’s fave times of the day is “hamster time.” Dude can be in a dead sleep and if anyone even whispers the word “PanPan” he is up and over to the cage dancing around in a half of a second. PanPan doesn’t seem to mind him either:

We’re having fun discovering all the places that allow dogs (this one was a local hardware store):

Dusty was neutered recently and the huge plastic cone from the vet was making him (and us) miserable. I got this ProCollar and he was instantly happier. Could easily sleep, eat, and play in it. Ahhhhh. If your pet needs a cone to keep from licking, scratching, biting stitches, etc., please check these out. We tried two sizes, the one recommended for his size and one bigger and the bigger one worked perfectly:

Dusty can (and does) get comfortable anywhere:
2013-03-12 10.07.31LR

He was exhausted riding home from the dog park. So much socializing really takes a toll:

Watched the movie Argo with TubaDad last night (really really great movie) and this was my view looking down at my lap the entire time:


  1. Anonymous4/13/2013

    I love watching my dog sleep, but even more I love listening to him dream and sometimes he will act out his dreams. Is Dusty entertaining you yet?

  2. Anonymous4/13/2013

    Ha ha about just whispering 'hamster' around him and him perking up.

    He really is adorable!

    I have a cat (with thumbs - and she grabs things between her paw and thumb...it's crazy!) who is such fun and entertainment and company. Pets really are special! Glad you've found one that fits in your family so well!

  3. Dusty is on cute lucky dog! Tate laughed so hard when she saw the pic of PanPan and Dusty that she started hiccupping. Love both expressions on the animal's faces.

  4. All wonderful posts. My mom enjoyed reading and looking at the photos! Thanks for sharing, M! Heading to the airport to get Bob soon.

    Aunt Jane

  5. What a cutie!! Cannot wait to meet him!

  6. That dog is so stinking cute. I'M DYING!!!

    Rescue dogs are the absolute BEST. They have so, so, so much love to give.