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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The littlest merfolk

The girls are in a Little Mermaid school play this week and the first performance went really well. Whew. Ro (left) and Ree are both in the Merfolk Chorus, so they get to wear cute green costumes and wigs, sing a bunch of songs, do some zany dance moves, and don’t have any pressure to memorize lines.

(The merfolk are in the bright green clump -- Ree is the first merfolk on the left in the bottom row, and Ro is the last merfolk on the right in the top row.)

The afternoon of the first performance we raced home, they had a little snack, hair was put in buns (thank you dance recitals for the know-how), tanks and shorts were donned for easy costuming in a big open room, a little makeup was applied (which thrilled them to no end), and we raced back to school.


Little cuties. I had to laugh at the trails of clothes, makeup, and hair stuff that were left in their wakes:DSC_8484_LRDSC_8485_LRDSC_8486_LR

The cast pulled off a great show, and Ro and Ree were happy and had fun (the most important things, of course).DSC_8506_LR-3

BobBob and Wela thought the girls did a super job, but they *might* be a tiny bit biased:DSC_8518_LR-2

Ro and Ree loved their celebratory bouquets of pink ranunculas.DSC_8488_LR

One more performance Friday and then the girls will have so much extra free time after school they won’t know what to do with themselves. (Ha.)


  1. I am going with the "your not putting bricks on their heads and they are growing up too fast" comment. Congrats to all. Been there done that... know what it feels like.

  2. They've gotten so big. I can't believe how quickly time has flown. My grandson... you remember him, the infant from five minutes ago... informed me Tuesday that he didn't want to go to daycare and see his favorite teacher, Marta. "No Marta! I wanna go Dineeeyand." The kids are growing up. And wising up. What are we going to do now? :)

  3. The girls look so pretty with their hair pulled up in buns! It shows off their beautiful faces!

  4. Anonymous4/17/2013

    <3 I can totally tell them apart now that one of them has a missing top tooth. Trouble is i don't remember which one. A1

    1. Heh! I was just thinking of putting tips on telling them apart in the sidebar. Wonder if I should? Ro, missing top tooth and dimple in lower left cheek, Ree wider face and more mischevious crooked eyebrows.

      Or I could just go find some replacement bracelets...

    2. Anonymous4/18/2013

      The dimple hint will work. But i's sure THEY would go for the bracelets!

  5. They look like they grew 12 inches & are at least 3 years older since your last post. I'm absolutely sure there was no one being "biased" & that they were fabulous!!!

  6. Such a great glimpse into the future of your house, clothes, makeup and other things left in the wake of busy young ladies. Can you just see the teen-age years? They are getting so tall. I love the hint about looking for the dimple. I can find Ro that way and now I can tell them apart! Congrats to them on a wonderful performance!

  7. Anonymous4/17/2013

    I can't believe how much older they look in these photos!

  8. They are so beautiful. I expect to see a video of this cuteness on FB! (Please. :)

  9. Way to go Ro & Ree! Musicals are such fun!

    Wow - they're taller every day!! Sweet, sweet girls!