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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wine, roses, and missing teeth

Our first backyard rose of the spring. We don’t know what variety this is, but Ro calls it “flower of the sunset,” which seems like a pretty good rose name to me: DSC_8397LR[18]_thumb

Ro lost another baby tooth, this time the big front left one, and the gap is adorable. We were driving somewhere in the car and she just handed it to us. I think it surprised her too. Now she’s lost teeth every conceivable way – the dentist has extracted two, her sister accidentally ripped one out while they were playing doggie and had a rope in their mouths, TubaDad pulled a grossly wiggly one out, and this one just fell out on its own: DSC_8416LR[18]_thumb

Sister has only lost the two that the dentist extracted and is trying not to show her extreme jealousy. Ree’s smile looks adorable too, if you ask me, but she’d definitely prefer a few gaps of her own: DSC_8427LR[18]_thumb

Mmmm, La Crema. Buttery, delish, and not too expensive. Anyone have any other fave white wines? I also like Rombauer chardonnay. 2013-04-11 18.20.04LR[14]_thumb

Horseback riding lessons were extra thrilling this week. The main arena was being used for something, so all riders got to “go offroad” and head down to the second arena. The trainer said Ro (in the back on Justin) and Ree (on Sam) did so great that she would take them on a mini trail ride next lesson: IMG_4606LR[18]_thumb

Speaking of wine, the girls and I had a quickie pasta dinner at a local restaurant last night and the server brought me a new wine to try. Had never heard of Roscato, but loved it. Very sweet, a mix of red and white, and a tiny bit fizzy. Sounds weird, but it was cool!: 2013-04-12 18.03.17LR[14]_thumb

Ro is sucking on honey, by the way. We always get an order of steamed carrots and the girls like to dip them in honey. Well shoot, so do I.

PS: These pics show off Ro’s dimple, especially that last one, remember if you can see a dimple on the left cheek, you’re looking at Ro.


  1. Anonymous4/13/2013

    I was surprised that Ro did not name the rose after her given her name...but maybe she did :). Her expression is just beautiful...and so is Ree's.

    The wine you had and liked can be purchased at Cost Plus World Market for $9-10.

    1. Yum! We are so there! Thanks. This wine would be fun to serve at a summer BBQ.

  2. Anonymous4/13/2013

    Love the name for the rose :-)

    My favorite white wine - actually it's my favorite wine I can get in the US period at this point - is New Age (white)...which BevMo at least has. I learned of it at a great little restaurant with lots of interesting wines down in SoCal where I live. It's also got a bit of fizz to it, but not much at all.

    It's also a pretty nice wine if you're serving it to people who don't really typically like wine much. It's not strong (probably a poor choice of words, but the best I can do right now) It's one that I'd probably use to make cheater peach bellinis or even if I served mimosas at home, too, just cause I like NA so much and really prefer it to champagne if I truly were being honest :-)

    It's South American, and some places will ask if you want it American style (as regular wine) or S. American (which apparently means with lime in it...there may be another 'twist' to doing it that way, but I just drink it like normal wine.

    1. Adding it to the shopping list. Sounds fun and also like a great BBQ wine! Thanks.

  3. The rose looks like Joseph's coat- I used o have bunches of them at my house in Michigan. I love, love, love them.

  4. Beautiful roses, good wine grapes .......

  5. No related to your post: I saw this site and thought of you...I am sure you've seen, but wanted to post it just in case...


  6. Anonymous4/14/2013

    Perhaps you can identify that gorgeous rose at


  7. Anonymous4/14/2013

    Maybe one of the "peace" roses . . .

  8. I am impressed you have roses so soon in the year. Lovely!

  9. What a beautiful Rose! Ro definitely gave it an appropriate name. :)

    I just recently discovered your blog a few months back. I'm so happy I did! I've had such fun reading it, your girls are adorable. I'm a twin myself (though i'm fraternal) and I love reading about the adventures of yours! :)

    Tell Ro and Ree they're looking good on horseback! I used to ride, I took English though, and was never lucky enough to go on a mini trail ride, what fun!

    Do the girls still dance? I loved looking at your pictures from previous years. My twin sister and I started ballet at 4, and nearly 15 years later are still doing it! :)

  10. Anonymous4/17/2013


  11. Anonymous4/17/2013