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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Long weekend in Tahoe

Loaded up the van (as always we laugh at the silly term “pack light”) and headed for Tahoe. TubaDad did all the driving, and at some point in the trip the girls, the dog, and the copilot all got naps. The driver was a little jealous, we could tell.


Played in the cabin for a while (Dusty cannot believe the whole place is carpeted and he can roll around and rub his nose anywhere and it is soft). Then took a little hike.IMG_3158LRIMG_3168LRIMG_3170LRIMG_3186LRIMG_3176LRIMG_3157LRIMG_3179LR-2IMG_3181LR

TubaDad insisted that he just might fall over if he didn’t get a nap at this point, so we headed back to the cabin for a short break. Then went in search of a purdy place for our anniversary dinner (10 years, wow). Settled on a fancy place at the top of Harvey’s casino called 19 and sat back to watch the sunset over the lake (and drink some tasty Rombauer). Awesome food and awesome view.


After dinner they brought free bowls of cotton candy to each table. Well now it was a party!


  1. Happy 10th! We're celebrating ours in about six weeks,too :-)

    1. Happy anny a few weeks early!

  2. Sounds wonderful! Happy anniversary!

    We just celebrated our 10th on May 17th- spent the night tent camping at our church. I hate camping but my girls have been begging to go- my husband and I decided that was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary, camping in pouring rain with our 9 year old, 7 year old and 14 month old daughters! We had a blast!

    1. You are one tough mama -- glad you had a blast!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! We hit 10 this August. It seems many of my friends are at the 10, and we're all laughing about the hilarious plans we're NOT carrying out. No big trips or fancy plans. Cotton candy at dinner? Yep, wild just like that. Perfect.

  4. Kristina5/27/2013

    Happy Happy 10th Anniversary!! Looks like a wonderful fun way to celebrate! Cheers to many more happy years!! XOXO! Kristina