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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tahoe is really hard to beat

Has any one been to Tallac Park? Seriously if you've never been you are missing out. It's near Camp Richardson, is never crowded, has clean restrooms, plenty of shade, and an awesome wow-you're-definitely-in-Tahoe feel.


After the lake picnic there was some napping (we don't need to specify who), and some hiking:

I swear I tried to get them to pack practical jeans and t-shirts. Sequined cardigans and white skirts at the cabin, gah.

Ro always puts down stick arrows pointing the way home whenever there's a split in the path. Can't even tell you how helpful they are!:

Dusty dude does NOT like to turn around. Ever. When it's time to head for home he digs in all four paws and eight pounds worth and make you really work for it. Even makes skid marks in the dirt:

Dinner was at one of our fave haunts, Lake Tahoe Pizza Co. They make the best crust ever:IMG_3275LR

On the way out to the parking lot Ro nonchalantly pointed to a discarded cup and said "Mama, QR code..." She's really enjoying this:

Dusty howls like we've been gone for days whenever we return from leaving him in the cabin for an hour or two. TubaDad has to go around back to unlock the cabin and the dog practically has a heart attack while he's waiting those last one or two minutes:

Watching Harry Potter 4 now with the girls, something about a goblet, I think. No tv in the cabin, but we've got it all hooked up on my computer and the girls are happy as clams with the teeny little screen and a bunch of movie snacks we scored at the CVS drugstore before heading home to put the hound out of his misery.



  1. Anonymous5/26/2013

    I had to giggle when you described Dusty. My Corgi stops in the middle of the street (yes, the middle of the street), plants all 30 pounds of his body firmly on the pavement and will not budge. Passengers in cars just laugh when they see me trying to "negotiate" with him. I have to always bring treats and hold them in front of him so you might try that. Dogs are so smart. It is clear Dusty has woven himself into your family. Such cute photos of him and of all of you.

  2. Anonymous5/26/2013

    We have not been to Tallac Park but had a wonderful time at Zephyr Cove earlier this month! Such a gorgeous lake!

  3. Wow, that looks soooo beautiful! And their clothes may not be practical, the girls have style! ;-)

    Have you watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with them? Cause I don't let my boys (9 and 11) watch this episode yet because when I read the book the ending scared me so much I had to put the book aside. But maybe I'm a wuss... :-) Didn't it scare them?

    1. We watched the whole thing with them at the cabin. It was definitely the creepiest/darkest of the first four Harry Potter films, in my opinion. I thought the villain Voldemort was very scary in this one (along with the whole scene to bring him back) and the maze was pretty bad too, again in my opinion. The girls said it didn't scare them (and we asked MANY times), but I don't think they liked it as much as the first three. We've talked a lot about how these are just movies, how they do the special effects, and how none of this could really happen in real life -- trying to keep them from being scared. They're just nuts about Harry Potter right now and can't get enough.

  4. Did Ree's hair grow back really fast? or did Ro get her hair cut?

    1. They decided they wanted their hair the same length again, so Ro kept getting hers trimmed a lot each time and Ree just got health trims this year.

  5. I love your comment about the wardrobe choices. Chloe was not impressed with my choices of jeans and T's for our camping trip this weekend. I got a lot of "Mama, where are all my skirts?"

  6. I am thinking that Dusty is feeling pretty loved and awfully special for the fantastic family he has and the adventures he gets to go on. I love the one of him on the picnic....and isn't it something how our dogs think we've been away forever??!!! He looks pretty relaxed and comfy during movie time...b/c he has his family all home with him. Oh, to be a dog....ha! I love reading about your times at Lake Tahoe!

  7. Kristina5/27/2013

    Two of my favorite places to go when we spent time with my Grandma in Tahoe! Tallac Park and Pizza! YUM!! I was just telling Clark it has been too long since we have had pizza from there and they do have the best crust! :)

  8. Anonymous5/28/2013

    We were at Tallac Park last summer. Oh how I love Lake Tahoe! I wish I lived close enough for a long weekend visit.
    Pam in Indiana

  9. Love the picnic on the beach photos!
    Looked like a great day...sun scenery and lots of snacks :)

    Uncle Bobby

  10. M3 looking at all your Tahoe photos makes me want to plan a summer vacation there. Any recommendations on which part of the lake to stay and if a cabin vs resort experience would be best? We'd be flying in, so wouldn't be able to bring too many home comforts of home.

    1. Hi Sharon, I know the south shore best because that's where our cabin is, some I'm partial to it, but there really aren't any bad spots at all. King's Beach is also really fun. And I'd probably do resort if it was just girlfriends but do a cabin if it was the family with kids (the kids love the cabin feel). If you're up for camping, there are some beautiful spots too (I'm kind of wimpy about camping).