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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Eating, drinking, and merriment

It’s no secret we like to eat our way through a vacation. Hawaii is no exception. The last few days have been blissfully full of fish sandwiches, chocolate macadamia nuts, POG juice and double lava flows, chocolate souffles at Roy’s, and ahi poke from the awesome Lava Lava restaurant with chairs and tables right on the beach...


And in between eating we go exploring. One jaunt took us to Higashihara Park – wow that place was so dang cool! I couldn’t even take a decent pic of it, every time we turned a corner there was more fantastic stuff. The girls were in heaven. They ripped off their seatbelts as we were pulling into the parking lot (that was a first!) and didn’t stop running for the next two hours.HigashiharaPark-000001

Fun stuff.


Next up we plan to find some o’ those turtles and green and black sand you guys recommended. Cheers!

PS: Just finished my first vacay book from the list of everyone’s great suggestions. It was Emily and Einstein (a woman’s husband dies and comes back as her dog). Very entertaining. On to the next one!


  1. Anonymous7/25/2013

    So glad that you liked the book. I was the one that recommended it. :)

  2. was that a playground??? i am coveting that park-- holy cow-- i could let the six amigos loose and just chill for hours....

  3. Hey, we were at Lava Lava in March! Must be staying "up there" then.

  4. You....eat on a road trip? Nah!

    LOL - you know how to choose restaurants and pack road trip food like nobody's business!! Glad you're having such a great trip! Love the pic of the 3 of you together!

    Ahh...family vacations are THE BEST!!!

  5. Anonymous7/25/2013

    I moved from Hawaii 10 years ago... I am currently 4mths pregnant... I will pay you for some caramacs fresh from the store and not some warehouse somewhere!!!


  6. LOVE that ocean-side pic of the girls!