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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The long long day

Drove pretty much all the way around the island and saw everything we could possibly see on the east side in one day.

The Imiloa Astronomy Center was fun, even though I couldn’t resist napping during the soothing, darkened 3-D star show:


The Volcanoes National Park was crazy cool, and not at all what we were expecting. It was lush, jungle-like, and full of surprises – like the steam vents all over the place that you could actually put your hands/bodies in. For some reason I was expecting acres and acres of black lava-covered devastation.


The girls had The Best time hiking around the park. The trails and trees and caves were just up their alley. We saw some folks hike down and across the crater – standing right on ripples of black lava – and next time we’ll bring supplies and make preparations for that adventure.


The black-sand beach, ahh, does anything even need to be said about that beauty?


Wow! Loved it all, but we are pooped, it took about 12 hours from door to door. Next time we’ll definitely stay a few nights on the other side of the island so we can take our time and really explore. Do you trek back and forth across the island or stay on the east- or south-side part (or all) of the time (and if so, where do you stay)?

PS: Making good headway on my next blog-comment-recommended book “While We Were Watching Downton Abbey” by Wendy Wax. Fun book! Couldn’t resist that title. I was sucked into the series Downton Abbey way late (pretty much the whole rest of the world had already seen it). Was *supposed* to watch it all with TubaDad, but just couldn’t wait and ended up marathoning through all available episodes. And now when oh when does the new season start, sometime in the new year?!


  1. So many great adventures!! What a beautiful place Hawaii is! Your pics have encouraged me to Dd it to my bucket list.

    Can you believe I haven't watched a single episode of Downton Abbey? I have Seasons I & Ii on DVDs from a friend. A quiet day today may mean today's the day I can start!

    Glad you're having such a wonderful time in HI!!

    1. You'd have a ball here!

      Would love to hear what you think of DA. I didn't expect to like it. Quite surprised...

  2. Anonymous7/28/2013

    Love hearing all about adventures in Hawaii, hope to visit someday with our family. Heard there is a storm headed your way. Stay safe!

  3. Wow--that black sand is amazing!

  4. Anonymous7/28/2013

    When are you going to go horseback riding on the beach? it so awesome


    1. Erika, we didn't get to do that this time, but it's definitely on the list for next time. The girls would LOVE it (my 40+ year old body would probably be so dang sore, but totally worth it!).

  5. Brenda7/29/2013

    Have spent quite a bit of time at Punalu'u. Gorgeous spot - though I still prefer Maui to any other island. The Big Island has its own special topography and magic - so glad you are enjoying all that nature has to throw at you!

    1. Brenda, where do you stay when you head to Punalu'u? That place is SO remote. I did see one house for rent right on the black sand, but you're at least an hour from any signs of civilization, right?