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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fun visit with the Texas grands

TubaDad’s folks flew into town and we had a ball hanging out with them all week. One beautiful blue-sky day found us in the city where the girls were thrilled to play with their grandparents at the Exploratorium.


We took a family pic in the museum’s weird upside-down mirror (see all six of us in there?). The girls thought it was hilarious to do cartwheels and handstands while we all watched – it looked like they were hanging from the ceiling:

photo(5)LR2Of course we couldn’t let a San Francisco visit go by without some Ghirardelli. Mint-chip hot-fudge sundae for me, which surprises not one single person who knows me. I’ve been ordering the exact same thing for over forty years now. Maybe next year I’ll branch out. Heh, yeah right!

Later in the week we showed Ma and Pa what teppanyaki dining is all about – a fancy dinner just isn’t complete without a flaming onion volcano, right?:

Ma helped the girls with their first sewing-machine projects – simple, swirly velvetty capes that only required one line of stitching. Big success:
DSC_0577LRNow that Ro and Ree know how to make these, I’m guessing there are many more capes in our future.

Thanks for a fun visit Ma and Pa, we’ll see you again real soon.

PS: Ree is in the purple pants and purple cape, Ro is in the pink skirt and then the green cape.


  1. Anonymous11/27/2013

    TubaDad certainly resembles his parents. :-)

    1. He does, doesn't he?!

      We had such a wonderful visit. They're off touring Australia now - so cool.

  2. What fun!! Time with the grands is always precious moments!

    Mmmm...Ghiradelli's! You're making my mouth water! Wanna go Friday night? I'm sure we could figure out a way!!! (I wish! :o( )

    1. Mmkay, we'll be at Great Wolf on Friday, but could definitely fit in a Sunday trip to Ghirardellis. Ok, just text me your flight time. :-)

    2. Oh, and traffic was "normal" this time, so we actually got to drive down Lombardi. Whee. Next time with you guys for sure!

  3. Anonymous12/13/2013

    We were thrilled to be with all of you. It was a great beginning to our grand adventure. Looking forward to the next visit!

    Ma and Pa