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Monday, November 4, 2013

Well shoot, that’s not even close to what I pictured

Was talking to my friend Catherine on the phone late tonight while Ro and Ree were supposed to be getting ready for bed. After hearing nothing from the upstairs but an eerie silence I finally said I’d better go check on them and hung up, creeping up the stairs and expecting the worst.

This is what I found:


Heh. Well carry on...

PS: The box is from a new set of dining chairs and table we got for the great room. We finally pulled the trigger on the Pottery Barn Benchwright table that we’ve been visiting for a year now. It looks great with the new kitchen. Whew. We still want to replace our old couches (that might take another year...), but in the meantime want to paint an accent wall in the room a nice neutral grey. Any favorite grey paint colors out there? It needs to be kind of a warm grey, if that makes sense.


  1. Anonymous11/04/2013

    Oh , how sweet, they sure are creative!!! My little China doll (granddaughter) is same age as Ro and Ree, and i see all of them growing up so fast. Mine has already outgrown some toys and i miss her playing with them. Her words, not mine ..."Mammaw i am to old for that, im not a baby now" lol Im sure you see it in your girls also.Your sweeties are beautiful !!

  2. Cute!! LOL...we weren't too sure what that quiet could mean! I love it that they get lost in books!

    It was SO good to talk to you last night!! Now...off to build our transporter so that Hannah and I can bip out to your place for supper!! Must work on that!

  3. Anonymous11/05/2013

    There are so many greys to choose from ... I just painted a smallish room in a mid-tone grey and I LOVE it! Unfortunately, I do not have the exact brand or color name ... just stand in front of that great big wall of color at Lowe's and let your eye settle on the color that strikes you! :-)


  4. This is a priceless post. And to think they schlepped that box up there and made a little reading fortress out of it. Great stuff!

  5. Love your little readers! Check out Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. Love it!

  6. You might want to visit Lemonade Mama blog she uses a lot of grey in her house. I love that the girls are reading!

  7. Look on pinterest for grays! I totally get what you mean by a "warm gray" I want a gray with a hint of brown to it, instead of a hint of blue. I love Benjamin Moore's Ashley Gray. I think that might be what we paint in our master! :)

  8. Awesome! Maylin has a box from our BBQ grill she has turned into a house and extra closet. Crazy! I am looking for a gray too. I am painting my 15 year old's bedroom and that is what we are going for. I will be checking in to read suggestions.

  9. Anonymous11/16/2013

    I can't remember if I asked you if you'd seen the "Makedo" plastic saws and hole punchers and fasteners that you can use on cardboard to attach the different pieces and build stuff. Casey loves it and I bet your girls would too.

    Check Ama zon for it.

    Jamie S

    1. No, haven't seen those -- they sound cool and right up the girls' alley!

  10. SW Amazing Gray. Firm believer. Tiff's friend Marji in SLC