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Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas partying

TubaDad is saying MerÄ«kurisumasu to Tokyo right now, so the folks and I took the girls to our neighborhood Christmas party. But first we had a little Christmas reading to get in the spirit. (Note: You’d think we placed Dusty up there just for the photo, but no, the truth is he can’t stand to miss out on anything and wiggles his little butt right into the middle of the action.)


The party started with gingerbread-house decorating, where I pretty much delegated the heavy lifting to everyone else and concentrated on sneaking M&Ms, drinking a nice glass of Rombauer, and snapping a few pics. Ahhh:

The dinner buffet was tasty. The girls, sadly, were immune to the charms of the lovely hand-carved prime rib. They did however, suck down three individual mousse cups (each):

About halfway through dinner, the big man in red made an appearance. I think that might be the only thing that kept the girls from having more mousse cups:

This pic cracks me up. I wasn’t wearing my annoying reading glasses, so I had no idea he was winking until I uploaded the pic to my computer. A fun surprise!:

The houses now have a place of honor on the kitchen table and are slowly disappearing nibble by delicious nibble (Dusty is checking for icing residue here):

Merry Christmas to all, it was a good night!:


  1. Looks like I missed a great night. Love the pictures!

  2. What a great night! Love the fanciness and fun!!

  3. I love the winking Santa…the girls look like they're thinking "Why is this Santa winking at our Mom?!?!" :)

  4. Such cute photos, and Bob Bob looks so dapper here.

  5. I too love all the pics! My favorite is the 2 girls with grandparents and the 3 gals. You all look so pretty!

    Aunt Jane

  6. Anonymous12/10/2013

    CUTE - every one of you!

  7. Anonymous12/11/2013

    Cute pics and header