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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Temporary artwork (until the sprinklers come on)

Ro surprised me with her chalk art tonight. I haven’t seen her draw like this before.


“It is a normal human girl, who has just summoned a fairy. The fairy is making fireworks in the air. The girl is holding the fairy and is waiting for her to say something.” ~Ro


Ree’s was also cute.DSC_1746LRDSC_1739LR

“My picture is a cute little doggie who is wearing a fairy princess costume. I added little details on the feet and the tail. Also, I made a little flower on the doggie's clothes. I wanted to make it cute, so I had the doggie stick its tongue out.” ~Ree



  1. Anonymous6/05/2014

    Ro's drawing and description are incredible. What talent! Ree's drawing is adorable.

  2. Anonymous6/22/2014

    Yeah summer is here !!!! I wanted to comment on how awesome their chalk art is, they are really good.And also how fast they are growing up. seems like yesterday you got that phone call. Have a wonderful and safe summer !