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Saturday, June 7, 2014


Pop-Tarts and Carcassonne games while we wait for news of Uncle Bobby's race and wait for TubaDad to get home from his latest incredibly loooong business trip (he went all the way around the world
in the last 10 days).


  1. uh oh! Did you just reveal TubaDad's real name? ;)

  2. Ooo, thanks!! I'll fix it now. I'm think I'm losing it with him gone so long now (3 biz trips almost back to back, 2 of them intl).

    1. Just keep thinking of the frequent flyer miles he is earning towards your next trip to Hawaii! ;-)

  3. Matthew is on a biz trip too. He's out in San Jose for 4 days. I bet you are ready for TubaDad to be home! So, are you entering next year's race with your bro? ;) It made me tired just looking at the pics on the race website!