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Thursday, March 27, 2008

As different as night and day

When people ask if I can tell the girls apart, I get all excited, probably talk way too fast, and say things like "Well of course! See, Ro always makes this kind of expression and that one, while Ree does that and that with her face -- ooo they're doing it right now, can you see it?!!!" The typical response? "Blink blink blink blink."

Oh well. I'm not trying to come off crazy(er) or anything. The girls obviously have pretty dang identical features and bone structures. It's just that all I see are their wildly different personalities, quirks, senses of humor, mannerisms, and expressions. They definitely look like sisters to me, but identical people? Forgettaboutit! Ree loves to wear hats, mittens, and fancy shoes (her favorites are the silver shoes from Nordstrom's). She always has a hint of mischief in her face, and if anyone's watching she makes the funniest faces until she makes you roll on the ground with laughter:

Ro's smile is beautiful and slightly more serious, and when she thinks something is funny she laughs with her whole body. She loves to sing as loudly and often as she can (mouth open so wide you can almost see her tonsils):

Totally different. Can you see it?!!!