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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A distressing dearth of dessert

Dear mom (Wela): Just thought you'd want to know that this was the last Apricot Dream Bar in the house: That's right, we are now completely out. The kids are pretty upset. I think I saw TubaDad wipe away a tiny tear (although it might have just been allergies). Anyhow, I've been through all of my cookbooks and don't have the recipe. So clearly the only solution is for you to make some more and bring them over. Please hurry. Love, M3 ~~~~~~ Update: Ok, my mom finally emailed over the recipe. She has not, however, shown up with a warm pan of Apricot Dream Bars. Yet. Apricot Dream Bars (recipe taken from a tiny 1971 cookbook with all kinds of apricot recipes, published by the town I grew up in, which used to have apricot orchards as far as the eye could see) 2/3 C. dried apricots ½ C. butter ¼ C. sugar 1 1/3 C. flour 2 eggs 1 C. brown sugar ½ tsp baking powder ¼ tsp salt ½ tsp vanilla ½ C. chopped nuts Rinse apricots, cover with water, and boil 10 minutes. Drain, cool, and chop. Combine butter, sugar, and 1 cup flour and blend together until crumbly. Pack into bottom of greased 8 inch square pan. Bake at 350 about 15 minutes, lightly browned. Beat eggs and gradually beat in brown sugar. In another bowl put in 1/3 cup of flour, baking powder, salt, and stir. Stir dry ingredients into egg and sugar mixture and blend in vanilla, nuts, and apricots. Spread over baked layer. Bake at 350 about 30 minutes longer. Cool, sprinkle with powdered sugar, and cut into bars. Makes 32 small bars, 1” x 2” in size. (My mom says she has never made this puny amount though, she always doubles the recipe, thank goodness. Also, she has always used walnuts for the unspecified "chopped nuts" but says pecans would probably be really good too.)