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Friday, May 8, 2009

Fashion friday

It's Fashion Friday again, time to post pics of what the kiddos consider to be the height of fashion. So here are the outfits Ro and Ree put together this week. (I think I might need my sunglasses after looking at them. Heh.)

For the first set of outfits, Ree (left) went for a triple yellow punch, choosing a blinged-out Cheerios tank top (one of the first pieces of clothing I bought while waiting for our referral), colorful yellow flowered shorts over yellow leggings, and a light green and white striped long sleeve shirt. Ro went for stripes, stripes, and more stripes, choosing a pink and red striped turtleneck (I don't know where she found this since the winter clothes have been put away), bold striped legwarmers pulled up as high as they would go, and pink striped Hello Kitty socks. She wore light-pink capri leggings underneath. Both girls went for sparkle shoes. Ree is winking in this pic, she's pretty proud of herself.

Outfit #18
Outfit #18Outfit #18 Outfit #18

The second round of outfits was... interesting too... Ro (left) continued her pink and red theme, choosing a striped pair of tights tied around the waist for decoration. Ree went for all-yellow, even adding a ruffly yellow tank-top underneath "Case I get hot." She also thought the purple headband (which she wears 80s-style around the forehead) was just the thing to make that look complete. Can't blame her for the socks, all the yellow ones are dirty. The choice of last-year's white sandals though, well I just might hold those against her. Haha. Hey, by the way, somewhere along the way this week I realized that I had completely unclenched and no longer cared one single bit what they picked to wear on their days (Tues, Thurs, Fri). I consider that a major control-freak victory!!

Outfit #19

All of Ro and Ree's past Fashion Friday outfits can be seen here. Now it's your turn! Share the grins and give us a link to an outfit that your kiddo put together! Fashion Friday is now a regular weekly feature, so grab your camera and turn those kids loose in the closet at least once a week. (There are no rules—pics can be old or new, taken on any day of the week, in a blog post on an image site.)

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  1. I really need to get some sleep! The girls are looking so cute with their 80's fashion. Too adorable!

  2. The twins have eclectic tastes, but I'm REALLY liking their style!

    I wonder what they'll think of all the Fashion Challenge photos when they'll look back at them when they're in their 20's..? :p

  3. Love the outfits! I've been "letting go" with our little one's outfits for a while now...mostly they turn out to be something I'd pick but every once in a while...we get a doozie!

    This is fun, Thanks M3

  4. I'm so glad you are unclenching. You are improving at a much faster rate than I did. The Tongginator is five... it took me until about six months ago to realize that it just wasn't worth it. And also that the Tongginator deserves her own sense of style. And that it won't get any better unless I give her the freedom to practice. Heh.

  5. Oh, the shoes, the shoes.I..I mean....Dahlia would LOVE them!!

    Even with a little more freedom - they're still cute as buttons.

  6. Its so cool to see what they come up with each week. I love the use of tights as accessories. I wish I had a crystal ball to see if they'll be fashion designers in the future. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Ha! Awesome. The layered look is popular up here on Oregon too. That purple headband...that's the best! Conicidentally, I just heard "Let's Get Physical" by Olivia Newton John (remember that headband-ridden video?) on the radio yesterday. Funny.

  8. I totally love the yellow flowered shorts. Just the right touch over those yellow leggings.

    My daughter is dressed as Sleeping Beauty today because they are supposed to put on a fashion show for Mother's Day at her preschool this morning and that's what she picked. Maybe I can post a picture later.

    It was nice meeting you last night at Debbie's class.

    Lori W

  9. Oh mu Gosh I totally remember when you bought that Cheerios tank top. That's how long we've known each other! Pretty cool.

    I am loving the leg warmers. Both girls are too cute(as usual :)

  10. Love Ree's new "winking trick"! The girls look splendid in their fashion picks for the week! Those shoes are every girls dream. We have a red pair that were literally the last pair Target had in this city! They've been discontinued! I might have to find our next pair on ebay or craigs list.

  11. Sunglasses are definitely in order!

    Updated my blog too!

  12. Love them! I think my favorite is the leg warmers over the capri pants - total fashion statement! Rylee also went for the 80's style headband this week!

  13. Such fun! We had "ballerina day" for our fashion challenge this week. Since neither girl cared to participate (aka - pick out their clothes)any other day, I went with it!

  14. Always such fun outfits. Good for you for letting go.

  15. Very cute~ I love how they are so set on their own color!! the headband is a great touch. Mine loves to wear her headbands but they always come off - need to try that style :-)

  16. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yes, I do like to channel Erma Bombeck from time to time, but your blog gives me a lot of inspiration! :)

  17. IN the first pic, Ro's outfit is killing me. ALso love the headband, flashdance look.

  18. Awesome outfits, girls! Love the color choices...you both got style!

  19. They are quite adorable! My Esme wears her headband the same way...

  20. Hi M3,
    I think its so great that your girls have chosen their signature colors and are sticking to them!

    The flower graphic shirts in the cookie dough eating session, are they by any chance Isaac Mizrahi (his target line)? I have placemats that have a large flower that looks identical to the one on the shirts. just curious!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  21. Mexican chopsticks: I can't believe you were awake at this hour!!!

    Kathy: I didn't know the red glitter shoes had been discontinued. Oh man, I keep telling Ree we'll find a new pair soon. She is going to be heartbroken. Yikes.

    June: The flower shirts in the cookie dough post were from cafepress.com.

  22. I clicked on the link to the Cheerios shirt and read that you love Pageant of the Masters! We love going there, but haven't in the last few years and miss it. In fact, the very first babysitter we had for Peter was when he was home about 2 days because we had tickets to the pageant for weeks when we got "the call" and so we asked Grandma if she would babysit. This confused her because she knew we didn't have children yet. That's how I told her we were getting a baby the next day and that we needed a sitter. Cute, eh?

  23. I'm lovin' Ro's air guitar!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  24. better late than never...

  25. Oh my goodness!! I LOVE their combinations and your fun spirit! I'm going to have to TRY to let go and see what Lilli comes up with next Friday!!

    June & Lilli

  26. I am still crushing on that "I am the Walrus" shirt. Will you cry when she outgrows it? Because I totally would.

  27. the outfits are really nice. i love leggings :)