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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Goodbye rain, hello Mickey!

Well we're all packed and ready to leave for Disneyland at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. (Knowing our family, that probably means we'll get on the road somewhere around nine o'clock, but we'll see.)


We've got three bulging suitcases (one of which is full of sparkly stuff, Disney apparel, tutus, and heaven only knows what else since the girls took charge of packing their own suitcase), three tote bags of roadtrip food, the big camera bag, two laptops, a couple of backpacks that are empty for now but will lug stuff to the park everyday, a bunch of DVDs for the car (including Grey's Anatomy season 2, which has two of the girls' fave episodes ever), and two lapdesks stuffed with (hopefully) enough incredibly exciting stuff to keep the girls busy for hours on the road.

 Ro and Ree are beyond excited. They've asked about the trip every day for months now, and thank goodness when they wake up we can finally tell them that YES, today is the day we leave for Disneyland.
Ree left, Ro right

Bring on the mouse! Oh, and I hope he isn't scared of bright colors, because the twinados don't really do that whole conservative and sedate dressing thing, do they?  

PS: If you have any Disneyland tips or advice, please share. We're total novices at this.


  1. Shannon (CA)1/27/2010

    Check out City Hall!! That's where they give out the cool buttons and whatnot....oh yeah...HAVE FUN!

  2. Anonymous1/27/2010

    Say hi to Minnie for me and have fun.

  3. Shannon (CA)1/27/2010

    Oh oh!! andddd.....


    Hold onto your coffee cups and get free refills all day!

    #4 is good too if you plan on watching the show!

  4. Do you get to go into California Adventure? If so-there's the coolest thing in the theatre in the Hollywood area-an interactive thing with the Turtle from Nemo-what was his name? It's really neat-definitely go. And if it's warm there's a great little water park. If you check out my blog from last Feb or March you can find my Disneyland posts.

    Plan your attack-hit Toontown first and circle back to Fantasyland. A lot of folks start in Fantasyland and it gets really crowded. Go early, hit the hotel for a nap and swim in the afternoon and head back in the late afternoon eve to miss the crowds.

    If you do the Princess Faire (or whatever it was called-where there are lots of Princesses in one area)-do NOT wait until Saturday or Sunday. The lines are HORRIBLE! Do it on a weekday.

    Have a great time!

  5. There is a Disney Merchandise Outlet store, about 5 miles away from Disneyland. If you go north on Harbor to Orangethorpe, turn right and then Right at the next signal, you'll find the Disney Character Warehouse. They sell all the gift shop stuff that Disney is trying to get off their shelves (Old movies, out of season items). You can save a TON of money by getting your Disney gear there. You can google it:
    Disney's Character Warehouse Outlet Store

  6. This might be too late but here are a few things that Emma loved.
    * Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes (so much fun!)
    * Autopia, presented by Chevron (Emma wanted to go on again and again on this one)
    * Enchanted Tiki Room (It is a little dark and it does have some thunder at the end but Emma loved it. Don't forget to buy your Dole pineapple ice cream at the exit, yum!)
    * Jungle Cruise (they get to see elephants and hippos, fake of course)
    * Mark Twain Riverboat (we didn't try this one but it looks like the girls might like it)

    If you notice these are all outdoor rides since Emma didn't really like the "dark" rides.
    Emma loved the parades but you do have to wait about 45 minutes to an hour to get a good spot. We always took a break during that time and bought some junk food and ate it while waiting. Their new parade is called "Celebrate! A Street Party" and for this one if you want to watch it you need to be sitting (while you wait for it to start) on the curb of the sidewalk because they make everyone stand up so if you are behind people you are going to have to put your girls up on your shoulders. Look at the map because it will tell you where to wait since it is really a parade so actually stop in one spot and sing and dance so if you are in the front then the girls might get to dance with some of the characters.

    Oh and they sell these small lollipops shape of Mickey's head that come in different solid colors and they come in bunch of maybe 5 or 6, buy some for the girls. We got some for Emma and they work while waiting in line or waiting for anything.

    Have a Magical time!

  7. Oops! About the parade I meant that it "isn't" a parade but more like a show that stops in one spot and they dance and sing so if you are not waiting in the right spot where the map says you will miss the fun.

  8. Hi!
    I have read your blog for awhile now but have never commented! I figured since we are Disney crazies, I should come out of hiding. A fun tip for the parents is the coffee shop on the right side of main street (by the photo store) has free refills on coffee all day, just bring your receipt back and you get a new cup!
    And, if you have an iphone, download the mousewait appt! it was all the "secret mickey" spots and wait times for all rides! Also, your girls would LOVE the new parade because they allow kids to come out and dance with the characters at times during the parade! Hope this helps! Have fun! Disneyland is one of our family favorites!

  9. Have a wonderful trip!!! You sound more than prepared for the roadtrip..... you have thought of everything:)

    I can't wait to see picutres of the girls in Disneyland...... I think it will take more than some bright colors to scare off the mouse!!

    Be safe and have fun!


  10. Anonymous1/28/2010

    Can't wait for your tips after you've been there. Planning on taking my gdaughter, who will be 8, in a few months.

    What hotel, best rides, parade, exchange pins, etc.....

    Gail (Sonoma)

  11. Greys Anatomy? Those girls are after my own heart!

    Enjoy your time with Mickey!


  12. Have FUN! My only advice is to head to Toon Town right away for shorter lines when meeting the characters.

  13. Okay, I have to know, which Season 2 episodes are their favorites?

  14. Have a blast!! Can't wait for pictures.

  15. Have fun:) cant wait to see pics of all this luggage and of all the fun days ahead.

    Looking forward to all the tips about going to DisneyLand, we are hoping to plan a trip this year:)
    We would be traveling from Canada though....

  16. Ah, so that's where you off to! Have fun!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  17. Kristina and Savannah1/28/2010

    Have Fun! and call us if you need to know where the nearest potty is! You know we have tried them all....;)

  18. Anonymous1/28/2010

    To save on money, my husband and I take Camel Pack backpacks and fill them with water and snacks. Keeps our energy up and our wallet full since we're not tempted to pay for park food all day. (The nurses station at the end of main street has the only cold water fountain)

    Also, if you get tired but are too lazy to leave take the train around the park. (We call this the "one lap nap") Sometimes it takes 2-3 laps for our legs to start functioning.

  19. Apparently Violet Affleck and her parents are in Disneyland right now too. You'll have to post if you see them! Just look for the crowd of paparazzi, lol.

  20. Have a wonderful time. You are all set!!!!!!!! Looking forward to all the pictures of fun, fun, fun!

    Have a ball.

  21. Use the fast pass when you can and look at the ticket it tells you the time you can get another. So get one for Peter Pan and when you can Buzz Lightyear then do other rides during the wait then hit the fast passes. Repeat as needed!! Have fun. Oh get there early once in go the the back and work forward.

  22. Shayna loved Disneyland! We waited for the princesses but never saw them bc we waited over an hour and still had over an hour to go. Of course you have to go to a small world! Have fun.

  23. Anonymous1/28/2010

    I just gotta ask...what are they're two favorite Grey's episodes?

    Have fun and bring water...good advice for just about any trip!

  24. Do your favorite things first. Have fun, can't wait to see the pics!

  25. Anonymous1/28/2010

    If you have enough time, go to Goofy's Kitchen restaurant at the Disneyland Hotel. A very fun place with Disney characters -- one of Cinderella's mice took my daughter's hand and walked her through the kid's buffet line. Such a treat after the crowded craziness of trying to see the characters close up in the park itself. The adult buffet food was actually very good. Not sure if you need reservations -- I think you can find out from the nice information people in City Hall on Main Street. Fun times!

  26. I had no idea you were coming our way this week! If you need anything - drop me a line! We're Disneyland experts - have premium annual passes, and only live 20 minutes away!!! Have a blast - it's AWESOME!!!!! Take LOTS of pics - use the photo pass guys but ask them to shoot with your camera too! Take your time - and don't forget to use Fast Passes for things like Indiana Jones!!!


  27. I have no advice about DisneyLand since I haven't been there. Hope you have a great time. I would LOVE to know where you got the bookcases Ro and Ree are standing in front of in the last pic. Thanks!