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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fashion Friday (just for you, anonymous!)

I had to laugh at the anonymous comment I got this morning simply saying "fashion friday?" Heh. Yeah, yeah, I didn't post the fashion choices the kids made this week—mostly because TubaDad hopped on a plane five hours after getting home from Disneyland, leaving me alone with two amped-up what-do-you-mean-it's-still-raining little girls. But also because I figured my mom was the only one who really liked Fashion Friday. Anyhow, after confirming that the anonymous comment wasn't from her—because that is SO something she would do—I decided that I'm posting this week just for you anonymous. So here are the only two fashions I got pictures of this week (see aforementioned time constraints): In this first one, which was strategically positioned in front of the back yard, rather than IN it, because, as you'll notice in the picture, it was STILL raining, Ro is on the left and Ree is on the right. Frankly, I think Ro started with her new polkadot boots and composed her outfit from the feet up, but she's not talking, so who knows. And looking at these outfits, the origin of each piece of clothing is amusing. Let's take Ree's outfit, for example: new Hello Kitty top from Target, pink starred tutu skirt from Nordstrom, handmedown blue flowered Gymboree leggings from from H2/S2, and pink kitty boots purchased from Target over two years ago (I keep retiring them to the garage, and the girls keep sneaking out and rescuing them). DSC_0494LR In this second one, Ree is on the left and Ro is on the right. Ree went for her new favorite pink and white striped strawberry t-shirt from Crazy8 (the strawberry stuff is in the new spring line), a little pink Carter's shrug sweater, a pink cordoruy Hanna Andersson skirt and pink dotted Gymboree leggings (handed down from S2/H2), handknit pink socks made by Ma, and her new pink Polliwalks (her pink duck shoes and Ro's blue dinosaur shoes were purchased for a steal on the 6pm.com website, thanks to an alert by blog commenter Shannon). I like the interesting way Ro is wearing her sweatshirt top as a scarf on top of her shoulders and has turned the hood inside out and backwards to pull up over her head. DSC_1352LR Well that's it for Fashion Friday this week (I wish I could think of a clever way to say Fashion Saturday, but I am fresh out of cleverness, please help if anything comes to you!) We're off to soccer in a few minutes (more on that later if the class works out), so I need to throw my grimy body in the shower. Thank you for all the awesome comments on the lifebook post, and please keep them coming. I'll be working on that section throughout the week and will be back soon with some more information and the first "assignment" for anyone who wants to work on lifebooks alongside me.


  1. I like Fashion Fridays too!

  2. How about Sat. Styles.

  3. Anonymous2/06/2010

    Hello. I am an avid reader, however, I seldom comment. I don't want to "rain" on an otherwise happy post. But I want to warn you about those Polliwalk shoes or Crocs. Please do not let the girls wear them out of the house. We had a precious friend's daughter almost lost her foot, when it was caught on the escalator at the mall in TN. If you google croc accidents... it will return lots of accidents and children losing feet.

    We let Wen wear hers around the house and outside. But never to school or the mall...

    Just wanted to share our story in case you had not heard.


    Christy Bailey

  4. Anonymous2/06/2010

    Thank you for the post, finally some pics :) See, I'm not the only one who missed the Fashion Friday post even though I saw them on Friday, tee hee

  5. i'm into shoes right now-- and I LOVE those crocs-- !!!
    and it is still raining???geez!

  6. Another Emily2/06/2010

    Fashion Fridays are awesome! I love seeing what the girls have come up with. :)

  7. Anonymous2/06/2010

    I loooove Fashion Fridays. I used to work at a preschool, and loved some of the crazy outfits the kids would wear to school and seeing you're two beautiful little girls and their wacky sense of style makes me laugh and reminds me why I want to work with kids. Thank you!

    I read your blog all the time, but I have never commented before. I hope you keep posting for a long long time.

  8. polliwalks 7.95 at 6pm.com :)

  9. Anonymous2/06/2010

    they are turly fashionable! and they are the prettiest girls in the world! have you ever considered to let them do commercials? maybe they are Americans next Top Models!

  10. Adorable and original, as always. (You could have taken one week off - but thanks for caring about even anonymous readers. Sweet of you.)

    So, now you know you've been outed. You really do have a camera on you at all times.

  11. I love Fashion Fridays too..... I always look forward to their adorable choices.....also, you always tell us where you have purchased the clothes/shoes/accessories.

    Hope it stops raining soon:)


  12. Sassy Stylin' on Saturday...

    Love the looks that Ro and Ree always come up with!!

  13. Shannon (CA)2/06/2010

    Woo hoo! Glad to see them wearin' those new Polliwalks! the girls crack me up....definitely stylin! and I love the little fin on the back of Ro's Sharks!

  14. Anonymous2/07/2010

    haha, I'm the poster who asked for fashion friday and I am really surprised you actually did it. Thanks! I just love seeing all of their crazy choices because it reminds me of how I dressed when I was little. I can remember that I had two pairs of keds tennis shoes, a purple pair and a pink pair. I would always wear one of each because I thought it was boring to wear the same color on both feet. I think Ro and Ree would agree with me :) I look forward to more fashion fridays, thanks again!

  15. I LOVE fashion Fridays!! I plan on doing that with my Little girl! :D

  16. LOL! The pink kitty cat boots live!

  17. My sister loves the fashion fridays on my blog too, but I've been such a bad blogger that I haven't updated since November!

    I guess I need to get things together, eh?