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Friday, August 27, 2010

Had to get tardy slips today. Not even kidding.

Yes, it’s true, I got my kids to school LATE today. On the eighth day of school. !!!!! I was mortified. Was gabbing away to what seemed like the hundredth contractor of the day when I suddenly glanced at the time and realized we had TWO minutes to get to school. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

The poor girlies were playing on the playstructure when their crazed-sweaty-unshowered mama ripped open the sliding-glass door and hollered “WE’RE GOING TO BE LATE TO SCHOOL, MOVE IT MOVE IT, IMMEDIATELY, GRAB SHOES GET IN CAR!!”

And bless their little hearts, they were off that playstructure, shod, and in the van within about 90 seconds. We headed down the hill and the somewhat-giddy girls said “Mama, you’d better speed, haha, just slow down if you see a cop!” We arrived at school a few minutes later, went directly to the office and collected the girls’ tardy slips (really they should just say it’s the mama’s tardy slip) and the girls stealthily and quietly joined their class.

Ugh. To end on a positive note, by the end of day tomorrow we will be completely ready for the open house on Sunday. In less than a week we have lined up all the needed contractors for the new house and in our existing house have completely packed up the playroom and turned it back into a dining room, dismantled and stored the behemoth playstructure and playhouse, gotten the carpets cleaned, gotten the back fence stained, and boxed up all extraneous items from the master bedroom, walk-in closet, massive winding closet under the stairs, office, kitchen, and family room. Whew. We’re on the fast track because we reallyreallyreally want to sell quickly, and every day counts when you’re inching toward the fall/holiday “deadzone” for buying. Anyhow, the house kinda looks like it did before we had kids. Heh. Now we “just” have to keep it this way while we’re living in it for the next month (which will be the really hard part).


  1. dude you need a wine cooler and some chocolate and a brainless movie tonight!

  2. Ha ha!! One of the reasons I chose the kg my daughter goes to was that it doesn't officially start until 9 AM!!! I had to--I am terrible.

    Good luck with the house.

  3. Anonymous8/27/2010

    WOW!!! Speechless on your selling the house.

    I hope it sells effortlessly.

  4. You've only had a few days to get used to the fact that they actually have to BE somewhere so give yourself a break. You're on a bigger learning curve than tney are. You'll break a lot of school rules that you were completely unaware of before they finish their first year. Trust me. I speak from experience.

  5. WOW. Just wow.


  6. Wow!! Exhausted just thinking about all you got done!! You're AMAZING!!!

    Sorry friend....I'm not very helpful when I giggled as I read the title of your post. Time does have a way of slipping away on us.

    Here's to a quick sale of your beautiful home!!

  7. I think you do need a trophy for being the best real estate manager!

  8. Man. I need a nap just reading all you've been up to. Thanks for making me stop feeling sorry for myself about having to tackle a poop sample earlier this week... sister :)
    If it had been me, my kids would have been WAY worse than tardy.

  9. Bug was late on the seconf on the day of school!!! I get to blame the school bus that never came by, but it was mortifying.

    Love and hugs,

  10. You truly are a rockstar!
    P.S. How funny that the girls already know to slow down when you see a cop! You must drive like me. Giggle.

  11. Holy Schnikey! Good luck with everything! Oh..and HAPPY REFERRAL ANNIVERSARY!! :-)

  12. Laurie8/28/2010

    You did that in ONE week...word! With twins underfoot. You are my hero.

  13. WOW, you have been BUSY!! I just read through all of your recent posts to try to catch up...... sounds like exciting times are ahead for the Salsa Family!!! Best of luck with everything....

    LOL at the tardy slips! I would say with all that is going on, you should have gotten a "free pass"

    Happy Sunday~



  14. wow! you got so much done! Isn't it exhausting to keep the house "showable"? Hope you get a buyer right away!

  15. It helps to have to catch a bus. Especially when it loops around your circle so that one can just go to the stop on the opposite side of your street if need be. And that's all I'm saying about that.