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Monday, August 30, 2010

I don’t think the broken arm is slowing her down at all...

Little Ree is doing just fine with only one paw. I keep meaning to post pics of her completely unaffected activity level, but gee that whole buying a house, doing some construction on it, listing our current house for sale, and trying to live in a staged house with 4-3/4 year old twins seems to eat up all my free time. Go figure... Heh.

Anyhow, here’s photographic proof that the girls are still thriving, and having fun, despite the fact that they’ve only got three good arms between them:

DSC_8572LRa DSC_8578LRa DSC_8579LRa DSC_8581LRa DSC_8584LRa DSC_8587LRa DSC_8597LRa DSC_8632LRa IMG_3108LRa IMG_3118LRa  IMG_3119LRa IMG_3123LRa 

Little honeys. And I guess I’ve gotten over my hovering tendencies. When Ree first broke the arm, I swear I wanted to wrap the whole world in bubble wrap and tell the girls their feet couldn’t leave the ground until they were teenagers. Um, I think I actually did just that for a week or two. But (as usual) they’ve kind of worn me down.

Oooo, and those pics remind me, there’s still one more day to enter our giveaway for a PlasmaCar!! Go here to read our review of the nifty little red cars and enter to win one of your own. Your comments have all been so fun to read!


  1. You need to rename them the new supergirls or something. They really are amazing - can't believe their energy level. Whew, I'm beat just looking at all the pictures. hehe

    All the best with your open house this week-end!

  2. Wow! I'm thinking she's not bothered at all by the cast! ;) Too cute! I'm thinking good thoughts for you guys on the house sale!

  3. Anonymous8/30/2010

    What kind of construction are you doing on the house you are buying? I am just in awe that you will own two homes in today's economy. Actually, the economy should pick up, thanks to you!

  4. OHMYGOD shes climbing the wall with a broken hand? How does she do that !!! I can't climb with both hands lol

  5. Wow! Look at em go! There were times I had to look for Ree's little arm as I couldn't believe what they were doing! Sure am glad to hear she's doing so well. Have you passed the half-way mark yet? How are the little sweeties enjoying kindergarten?

  6. Soon, they will hike Half Dome.

  7. Glad to see nothing can hold them down or back!

  8. Nope, not slowing her down at all... :-)

  9. Good grief. Nope, she doesn't look phased at all. She's a whirlwind...but, it sounds like you are too. A lot of stuff going on and sounds like you've got it covered. Don't know how you are getting it all done.
    Good luck with the open house!

  10. Anonymous8/31/2010

    Hi. I'm from Paraguay, I love your blog, I have a little girl that I adopted 2 years ago, she was 4. Would you like to adopt again? Your girls are adorable!

  11. I am cracking up over the rock climbing wall...with ONE ARM! For pete's sake, she is a trooper. I bet she will be a professional iron man one day.

    Love the hot pinkness of it all!

    Good luck with the houses. Sounds like a lot of work. But it will be worth it!

  12. Anonymous8/31/2010

    Adorable as always...on a side note
    Have you checked out the latest Matilda Jane Catalog on line? The field trip collection - I think MJC is "stealing" Wela's dress design!! The Jumping Wendy Dress looks just like and Wela original!!! LOL


  13. Gawd....sheisclimbingarockwallwithonearminacast!!!! Sorry I didn't actually breathe when I saw the pictures.

    You truly are one smooth Mama! So glad the pain appears to be gone and Ree is mending.....and you are taking it in your stride or should I say sprint since you are moving at warped speed too.

  14. I like the photos of her hanging by her "good arm"!

  15. I haven't been following the blogs lately, but you and I are gonna have to get together and share notes. Two weeks ago, we went to Gilroy Gardens (18th) and then to the Monterey Aquarium (19th). Last week my girls started 1st and 2nd grade.

    This morning I got the call from the school that my 1st grader Chloe had fallen from the monkey bars and broken the bones in her forearm. It took us 6 hours in the hospital to finally get it set and she was a wreck by the time we got her home. I was going to fix dinner for us (our first meal all day) and then she threw up all over me. It's a rough night, but she seems to be settling down now.

    It was only yesterday that I had a moment to stop by your blog and see Ree and her pink cast. I was thinking to myself "I'm sure glad my girls aren't that adventurous". I had no idea it was so simple to break an arm. I also had no idea how traumatic it was to comfort a child in pain.

    It sounds like you have been unbelievable busy. I have no idea how you manage everything. I feel like mush and all I had to do was be there for my daughter today. I wish your family all the best and I hope that Chloe recovers as well as Ree appears to be doing.

  16. Yekaterina NY8/31/2010

    How do you keep her cast so clean and crisp-looking? My kid's cast would be a dingy grey color by this time...

  17. Thanks guys!!

    Anon: We're getting rid of the huge "master retreat" and dividing it back into a master bedroom and a smaller kiddo room. Because a big ole master retreat is just a huge waste of space in my book and the house will be much more valuable (not that we will EVER move again) with the extra bedroom.

    Catherine: They are LOVING Kindergarten. Whew. I'm sure it helps to have your sister by your side -- they haven't had one iota of nervousness or fear or reluctance, and I am so glad. The room is big enough that they're instantly separated into different groups, but the teacher figured out on day 1 that the best enticement for twins is to promise they could sit next to each other every once in a while in return for good behavior. She's a smart cookie!

    Anon: Hmmmm, let's just say that at this point one of us would consider adopting again and the other wouldn't. :-)

    Nancy: NO WAY!!! I just Googled that MJ dress and am going to have to send it to my mom right now. Too funny!

    Lori Lynn: Huge hugs, I just sent you an email.

    Yekaterina NY: It's not clean at all -- must just look that way in photos. The pink hard part is ok (I think it's fiberglass or something), but the formerly-white lining is grey and SO smelly it embarrasses the poor girl. Hoping the doc wants to put on a new, shorter cast soon and we can retire the odiferous pink one (although don't think I'm weird but I'm going to have to save it somehow because all 6 of her Texas cousins and all 3 California cousins signed it and that is a HUGE thing indeed that will probably never happen again).

  18. Saw the Tubadad book review in Adoptive Families Magazine last night!! Very Cool!

  19. Anonymous9/07/2010

    Shucks! Was away for the Plasmacar giveaway. I am thinking about getting my 5-yr-old twin girls a pair of them for xmas. Having almost 5-yr-old twin girls yourself, do you think they will enjoy them for a few years??
    -Julie in NJ

  20. Hi Julie, definitely! We had 8 cousins in our house at the beginning of August, ranging in age from 2 to 10 (the two oldest were boys) and every kid just loved the little cars.