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Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion Friday (now with even more neon yellow)

Got a new, shorter (and even brighter) cast for little Ree yesterday. She picked yellow and then was pretty happy that she happened to be wearing a complementary yellow outfit. I saved the old cast, even though it is perhaps the smelliest thing I have ever touched. It’s just that Ro and
Ree, the 6 Texas cousins, and the 3 California cousins all signed it, and that makes it utterly precious. The doc said I could cut off all the white part (to get rid of the stink) and then glue it back together so we could have it forever. Heh. I guess I’m not the only nut he’s seen.IMG_3400LRsmall

Anyhow, here are the girls in the Fashion Friday outfits that they picked out today. They wanted to match, which involved some scuffling and pushing in the closet, but eventually they settled on the cute flowered green and orange dresses. As an aside, these outfits look kind of normal to me, not as crazy as Ro and Ree usually look, dontcha think? Ro was funny, after they plopped down for a pic she said “Mama, there are two things different, can you see them? I have legwarmers and Ree has a cast.” Funny girls.DSC_8748LRsmall

Oh, and I took a few pics of them all smiley, but this one is my fave because Ro was teasing Ree and she was looking at me kind of exasperated saying “Mommmmmmm!”

Does anyone else have any fun Fashion Friday outfits that your kiddo(s) assembled? If so, please share!

PS: I know this is a long shot, but are there any orthopedic specialists reading this? We have an appointment to get a second opinion on Monday, but in the meantime I’d love to hear another professional assessment of Ree’s most recent xrays (I can email them to you). TubaDad and I don’t have any experience reading these things, so maybe everything is perfectly on track like our ortho doc said yesterday and will be fine with time, but the radius looks troubling to me. No big deal, and we’ll hear more on Monday, but if anyone feels like looking at them this weekend, just give a holler.


  1. I can certainly find someone for you - but where are you?

  2. Such cute dresses! Do you suppose Ree will be coordinating all her clothing with that yellow cast now?

    And I love that photo, too. Two dramatically different expressions on identicle faces!

  3. Hehe, they DO look "normal". And that is one shockingly yellow cast!


  4. I blogged Sara's latest "accessory" this afternoon.

    Like the yellow! Wish I could read the Xrays, but I have no radiology or orthopedics in my background. I only know broken brains. Ack!

    Funny coincidence: Sara and Kelly wore their matching polka dotted versions of Ree and Ro's dresses to school today.

    Have a restful weekend,

    Indiana Lori

  5. Did you ask the doc about the area that worried you? Since you aren't a ortho doc or radiologist, what looks bad to you may in fact be perfectly normal!

  6. Cute dresses! Love the new yellow cast. I didn't even know you could keep them. That is pretty cool!

  7. Despite Faith's 5 different broken limbs, I can only read x-rays when the doctors tell me what I'm looking at. However, I can diagnose a broken arm by the lump, prior to said x-rays.

    The girls look darling, F&B want to know when we can see them again, think McD would like to fly us all out next year?

  8. Oh the twin teasing... I know it well. Love the yellow by the way. Hello sunshine! :)

  9. Stephanie9/10/2010

    HI, I am not a specialist by any means, but have had a couple broken bones (femur- the really big bone in your upper leg) and am not sure what is looking funny... but I can say as my breaks have healed they look "cloudy" if that makes any sense at all... Kinda like the bone is going to form to be a ball where the break was... but then once it heals, it goes back to looking normal... Hope that helps... if that was actually your question at all.. lol


  10. Anonymous9/10/2010

    oh my gosh, I totally understand. My 34 yr old daughter was hit head on 6 months ago and she broke her heal. The dude failed to yield and turned right in front of her....grrrrr.

    Anyway, was so frustrated with her dr because she was still hurting alot afte 6 months, she got a 2nd opinion this week. And to our surprise, all in all, she is on the right track.

    She just now, can staret to walk on it and will do physical therapy. Apparently it could take 1 to 2 years for the heel bone to heal.

    Patience my dear !!!


  11. Yeah...smelly casts. Dahlia didn't want to have anything to do with keeping hers last year. (Mom said ..awh, really?)

    Oh, those girls are getting so big. Very cute and tame selections!

    Hope all continues to go well with the arm.

  12. Anonymous9/10/2010

    my daugher broke her arm almost two years ago the week of her 8th birthday. there was kind of a bump on her bone where it was healing - they described it as a callous. it helped me to think of how things heal above the surface...when the bone started healing it formed a scab/callous that looked funny on the x-ray and eventually shed itself away. i know because we got 2nd opinoins and followed up for over a year. do whatever it takes to give you peace of mind.

  13. I dont know much but I have seen a few broken bones and one thing I was shocked at was the lump that was there in the arm after the cast was off.... apparently it is scar tissue and dissapears with time.... maybe that is what she has? I have no idea! :)

  14. Carmen9/11/2010

    I love keeping up with your girls! they are precious and they are so motivating for me! i always look forward to see more pics and read more crazy adventures that they have had! (i am 14) :)

  15. That yellow cast looks great! The only color choices we had were pink, blue and black. Chloe just got her cast two days ago and she is so happy to be out of the splint. She started back in school yesterday. I hope in a few more weeks, we can switch to a short arm cast as well.

    You can see Chloe's cast on our blog at www.chloeandpearl.blogspot.com

  16. Anonymous9/11/2010

    No info on bones but would love to know where the sparkly zip jacket in the first pic came from, it's darling!
    I agree, do whatever it takes to gain peace of mind, a 5th opinion if that's what it takes, instinct is a loud voice!

  17. Anonymous9/11/2010

    my sister in law is a radiologist, i can send them to her

  18. Love the new cast! Bright, fun and exciting...just like your girlies! Sorry to hear the x-rays are concerning you. Praying you hear good things at your 2nd oppinion appt.

  19. Hi guys, thanks for the support. I'm feeling much better now that we've got a second opinion lined up. The dr might say the exact same thing as our current dr (which would be wonderful) but I'll feel world's better knowing that two dr's agree we're ok and don't need surgery.

    The silver glitter sequin sweatshirt is from Nordstrom. They have them right now in the fall lineup.

  20. The cutesness just never stops in your household?!!!
    (hey! that yellow top looks familiar?!!) LOVE Ree's matching yellow shoes too - GORGEOUS!

    Does the yellow cast glow in the dark? If its not supposed to, I bet it still does!!! ;)

  21. Anonymous9/14/2010

    In a burst of shoppers delight, I ran over to Nordstrom and picked up that sparkly cardigan for my sparkly girl. :D With awesome aunties and an expert shopper grammy, I usually don't get to buy the fun stuff. But, couldn't resist! And it was half price! Thank for sharing - as always. We ended up with the pink version.